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Trouble unlocking Iphone

2: Seeker

I've selling and Iphone 4 and an Iphone 5 - I got a code for the 4 easily but have been trying without success to have the other one unlocked. I've filled in the form, spoken to 3 people, been asked to send email to the resolution team which just keeps bouncing back.  Help please 

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17: Community Champion



Just to clarify an iPhone does not unlock via a code but by Vodafone asking Apple to unlock it and then apple can take a couple if weeks sometimes to complete the unlock. Inserting an active non Vodafone sim card and hooking up to iTunes is the process to complete the unlock but first Vodafone need to accept your request. 




Did Vodafone supply the iPhone directly or was it from an independent. 


Has it ever been replaced by Apple or an insurance company ?


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