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Unlocking my phone?

2: Seeker


I recently bought a brand new iphone 7 plus online that's locked into vodafone u.k.

the phone hasn't been set up yet and it requires a sim card to unlock it


i am a vodafone ireland user for my current phone and i'd like to use my sim card in the iphone 7 but it won't work in it since they're different networks

can i get my sim card or phone unlocked or something? i'm not very tech savvy and i'm not sure what to do


thanks in advance!


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17: Community Champion

Hi @ciara24 where did you buy the phone? The phone is going to have to be used on the Vodafone UK network to register the IMEI before it can be unlocked.


There are a couple of ways depending on if it's pay monthly or Payg.

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17: Community Champion

Can you send the iPhone to someone you know in the UK so they can use the iPhone on the Vodafone UK Network for 30 days on payg and then they request its unlock and send it back to you?

If not then perhaps the avenue is to sell it and use the funds to buy one that's unlocked or locked to the network you use. 

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