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Upgraded i phone 6 - unable to do sim swap!

2: Seeker

I have had my new i phone 6 a week now and despite doing a sim swap online - several times - and going into two of my local Vodafone Shops - plus phoning each day - Vodafone are still not able to swap my sim.  I have even asked to return the phone - as I cant use it - and am waiting for the 'Returns Team' to call me...... I have also made a complaint and I am waiting for someone to call about that too.... nothing as yet and I am really fed up with it - I HAVE WASTED HOURS OF MY TIME!  I cant imagine what has happened to Vodafone - they have always been so good in the past.

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DD 11: Established
11: Established

When you say sim swap do you mean number transfer from another network or a vodafone sim that is different size to the nano one for the iPhone 6.


If you are good with a pair of scissors, it might be easier just to cut it down to size. There are some templates online you could use. Not ideal as you may end up screwing the sim totally, but it could solve the headache if you take your time. 


Hope that helps

Don't mess with stupid people. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. 

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2: Seeker

my new sim is smaller than my current sim - im swapping from a Blackberry Z10 to an i phone 6 - keeping the same number.


Thanks for your help.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Suzybloozy01


It can occasionally take up to 24 hours for a sim swap to complete. Sometimes a little longer. It however shouldn't be a week. 


In order to carry out a Sim Swap Vodafone customer service or a Vodafone store must have provided you with a Blank Sim Card so that it'll accept your number on to it via the sim swap. 


A person knows if a sim swap has begun because the original SIM card loses service. Then insert the new SIM card and turn the phone off and on every 20 minutes or so which helps re connection. 


It can sometimes be beneficial to visit a Vodafone store to get a sim swap sorted. 




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