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Vodafone Start has taken over my browser

4: Newbie

I was browsing using Safari over 4G earlier on when Vodafone Start suddenly appeared and said it was setting up. Now, whenever I click on a Google search result, it takes me to Vodafone Start and I can’t get rid of it. It’s not a default homepage issue, as I can go to other pages if I type the address in, and Google seems to work, but any link I click on takes me to the Vodafone page, which basically renders the browser useless. :smileymad:


I’ve just had THE most frustrating live chat with someone called Shruti whose responses didn’t even make sense, let alone actually answer what I was asking, and variously referred to it as Vodafone Stater, Vodafone Starter and Vodafone State, so clearly didn't know what it was. I was also asked to ‘pen another website’, whatever that means.


FAQs suggest it's not possible to remove Vodafone Start, only hide it, but then helpfully it doesn't tell you how to hide it!


Can anyone help with this? I’ve not changed any settings, it literally just appeared on my phone earlier today.

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17: Community Champion



I've not encountered this issue personally but when safari started to act weird on my iPad I navigated to the safari settings and cleared all browsing pages etc. 

I also did this in Google Chrome. 




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2: Seeker

Hi Hannah, 

I'm so glad,  I'm not the only person this has happened to! I can't believe how frustrating it is.  I've got an HTC ultra,  that has been working fine until this morning.  It started with clicking links on my email,  that maybe 1 in 10 sent me to start.Vodafone page. And now most links I click either through email,  web pages or google searches are sending me there.  I haven't got a clue what's going on and nobody at Vodafone seems to understand what I'm saying. If you find an answer before I do,  please reply and let me know and I'll do the same.  Good luck! 

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@jenniet27 @hannah_193 Please see this thread for further help with this. 


Let us know how you get on after trying these steps. :smileyhappy:

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4: Newbie

Thanks, but I've just had a message from Vodafone saying it was a technical error on their part and it should all be sorted now.

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