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iOS hotspot 4G with ps4 NAT3 closed

1: Seeker

hi all,

i am an italian user of vodafone. i tried to contact the vodafone operators but but nobody can help me, so i write this post in this forum.

when I connect to hotspot with ps4, the NAT is type 3. I also tried to make a custom connection with google's DNS but the problem remains the same. It's a vodafone problem because with other operators NAT is type 2. can someone help me?
thank you

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16: Advanced member

Hi there,

Unfortuantely you're not going to find what you're looking for on the forum here as it looks like you do need technical support from Vodafone Italy.

If you're not getting any help over the phone, why not try the forum? 

Hopefully you'll get help there:


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