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Warranty repair replacement phone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Two nights ago I noticed my Iphone X was bulging due to a swollen battery at 15 months old.

It seemed I had two options:


Vodafone 2 year warranty

Apple 1 year warranty (expired)


I chose to go to my local Vodafone store (Farnborough Hampshire) where the manager told me that a technician would first have to establish whether I had overcharged the phone :Laughing_Face:


Seriously how can you do this with a modern phone???????


I then admitted that I had also made an appointment at the Genius Bar at Apple Store Basingstoke later in the morning to discuss my swollen battery despite my expired warranty.


He boldy told me that that they would just send me back to his store and that he would reserve a loan Android phone in my name there and then as only one was left.


As a lifetime Apple Iphone user what use is an Android phone as a loan phone????


I then drove to the Apple store and after looking at the phone they immediately agreed to repair/replace the phone under the Apple Quality Program and loaned me an Iphone 8 until next Tuesday when I can collect my replacement phone (They don't do repairs).


Please tell your arrogant Vodafone Manager you can't overcharge an Iphone (Apple Genius confirmed this) and DON'T use this method to suggest a way to avoid honouring your 2 year warranty.


After 18 years with Vodafone your Farnborough Hampshire Manager has ensured I will NOT be renewing my contract when it expires.


To be told I may have inadvertantently overcharged my Iphone X by a Vodafone Manager is absolutely disgusting and a blatant way (IMHO) of avoiding a valid warranty claim. No doubt the technician would have claimed it was due to "overcharging" the battery.


In fact just suggesting I might have overcharged my phone is enough to put me off renewing my contract.


Vodafone where do you get these managers from?


Do you expect them to lie to people who pay monthly?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It's my understanding that Apple now apply a 2 year manufacturing warranty.

I always find it better to approach the manufacturer as they know their software and hardware better than a repair house.

Nowadays phones will only draw what power it needs and they tend to drop onto trickle charging when the phone is at 100% so I do agree it would be near impossible to over charge a phone.

Issues can arise if a person is using a 3rd party charger.

Vodafone do supply a courtesy phone on certain contract types if they have one in stock but these tend to be feature phones just so a person can continue to use their allowances. 

Personally I have a back up phone just incase but I understand some won't. 

Good to hear Apple resolved the issue. They are renown for customer service and support. 

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Regarding Apple Warranty I entered my Serial Number on their Website and it clearly stated I was out of warranty.

Also if still under warranty it would have been replaced under the Apple warranty program not the Apple Product Quality Program.


In the reply to the suggestion that a third party charger may cause battery issues I would suggest that the phone's own circuitry is the phone's protection and at the end of the day I have not used a third party charger and was not asked whether I had or not.


I wonder how a technician can perform an autopsy on a swollen battery to determine whether it was a genuine manufacturing problem or an overcharged battery. :Laughing_Face:


Apple told me a battery swells as a safeguard to avoid a more serious outcome so IMHO the damage is already done before the autopsy.


TBH I don't believe a technician can pinpoint the exact cause accurately.


I would suggest to the Manager that in future refrains from using "overcharging" as a "get out of jail free" card.


Do Vodafone Customer Services ever reply to posts on this Forum?