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Why Advertise Apple Watch Connection?

2: Seeker

What is wrong with Vodafone? Why promote an Apple Watch sharing plan when clearly it doesn't work They can't organise a ##~## up in a brewery. I've been waiting for them to sort out connecting my Watch for 2 weeks now. I was getting an update call every day until a few days ago. I guess they have given as well. 

EE here I come!

Shame on you Vodafone. What a badly run business. No wonder they are number 3 in the UK!

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It's a real shame to see that you're having trouble connecting your Apple Watch to your plan @bazzac

We'll need to access your account in order to check the status of the pairing and to be able to understand what next steps we need to take. So we're able to do this, please get in touch using the link in my private message

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