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Wifi stopped working on london underground

3: Seeker

For the last couple of months my Wifi has stopped working on the London underground. My phone fails to automatically connect to the Vodafone wifi access points. I assumed this was an issue with my phone however some details to note:


I work for a large company - after speaking to colleagues a large number of peopel are experiencing the same issue.

My phone used to automatically connect without any issues.

I am definitely trying to connect to Vodafone and not Virgin access points.


Please can you advise. 

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2: Seeker

I'm experiencing the same issue. My phone attempts to connect to the Vodafone wifi at each station but the connection is never made. Grateful for details on how to resolve this; I see other users have been provided instructions in DMs in the past...

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3: Seeker

Update: I called Vodafone last night and was told this is a known issue which is effecting all customers. I raised the fact the service has been down for months and that it needs to be escalated. Vodafone's response was that it's an issue with a third party provider, they have escalated it and their engineers are still working on a fix.


Vodafone need to acknowledge this on their website somewhere instead of waiting for customers to call them. All of their responses on these forums are to direct message people, probably trying to hide the real issue.


Really terrible customer service - if any Vodafone staff see this, please escalate internally as you are losing customers.

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I'm sorry you're having difficulty accessing our Wi-Fi network whilst on the London Underground @leerowbotham and @nickwherrod. We'll be happy to take a look into getting up back up and running. As we'll need access to your accounts to do this, please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.


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