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iPad Pro 9.7 128gb in gold or silver

1: Seeker

These haven't been in stock for a good few days, twice I've  been told in stock only to get to end and told only black in stock, anybody any ideas when new stock arrives, must be some date available???

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16: Advanced member

Hi there


Unfortunately, we don't have any ideas on here as we don't have access to the stock system.  However, call up customer services and they should be able to advise.   


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17: Community Champion

Hello @gazza73



From my experience online stocking levels can change quite fast and as such Networks wouldn't be able to advise of any incoming stock. It's a case of keep trying. 


An option would be to choose the colour in stock and purchase a case. Just a thought. 


Nice choice of device. 


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2: Seeker
I have been waiting for ages for the Pro 9.7 although this was a second choice as I really wanted the Pro 12. Why is there a delay ?
I've been along standing customer and this is the first time they haven't been able to fulfil the upgrade.
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17: Community Champion

In my experience delays can be attributed to the colour preference  of the device and or chosen memory capacity. 


Networks are dependant on the units being shipped to them from the manufacturer / supplier and then the actual available quantity of units in stock to the people waiting for them. 


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