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iPhone 6 unlocking - have I left it took late?

2: Seeker



Think I may have messed up.  I had a "Vodafone" iPhone 6 that was exchanged due to a fault in the Apple store for a brand new device.


I (wrongly it seems) assumed that as it came from Apple it would be unlocked.  But I've just tried a different network SIM and it doesn't work - originally said "SIM not valid" and a detailed description and now says "No SIM".


I've filled out the online form this evening to get it unlocked but worried this won't be straightforward as this is a different IMEI to the one originally supplied (bit still locked to Vodafone)


Anyway, the reason I'm in a rush is because I have a SIM I want to use overseas and I'm going away on Wednesday.  I'm guessing the whole process or at least the Apple side of it won't be done by then and it sounds like I need to sync with iTunes to complete the process anyway.  I won't have any access to iTunes while away so sounds like I'm going to have no luck anyway now but just wanted to check if anyone had any advice or knew a way to expedite this process?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @goldust



Apple would see from your iPhones history it was supplied as part of a Network contract so would exchange it for the same variant so would be still locked to the Network. 


If an an iPhone is exchanged by Apple then Apple or you with the exchange paperwork need to update Vodafone with the new Imei information. 


"What if I have my iPhone exchanged?

If the handset has been exchanged by Vodafone UK then we can still request that your phone is unlocked with Apple.


If the handset is exchanged via Apple or another third party (e.g. insurance claim) you’ll need to contact the company that provided your replacement for either an unlocking code, or you can ask the third party to notify us of the new IMEI details.


We’re only able to request handset unlocks for phones that have been sold by Vodafone UK or if we've received the new IMEI details from the third party."


From > Vodafone Unlocking FAQs.


Vodafone won't be able to authorise an unlock until this has been changed. 


An iPhone is not unlocked via inputting an unlock code but instead is unlocked via Apple and their Database.

 Vodafone would email a person to confirm it's been requested after accepting your unlock request. 

 Apple then can take occasionally approximately up to 30 days to complete an unlock request made by a Network.

Periodically insert an active Non-Vodafone Sim Card in the iPhone and hook up to iTunes.

From the iPhone 5 onwards there's not normally the need to hook up to iTunes to complete the process.


An iPhone can be unlocked while abroad because it's not an actual code used. 


It's my opinion that due to your travelling timeframe unlocking on time is possibly not going to happen. 



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