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iPhone X Pre Order Updates

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2: Seeker

Can confirm this, I have a similar trajectory of lies and mis-information...

Ordered online 4th Nov 10:30am - told 1-2 weeks for delivery
7 Nov - email to say delayed as out of stock, update in 3 days
10 Nov - delayed another update in 4 days
14 Nov - delayed update in 10 days

20 Nov - called call centre - they're still blaming Apple no apologies for blatantly lying about original delivery date, no estimate for delivery - 'all Apple's fault' 

Tracker has been stuck at step 1 the entire time quotes 'up to 21 days'.  This is an absolute omni-shambles and an utter disgrace - we should have never been mis-sold on the delivery date. Really wish I Pre-Ordered with Apple now.

Meanwhile I see others on here lucky enough to have ordered later than myself and recieved theirs. Seriously tempted to cancel and order with Apple direct. At least they should get stock when they say they will and deliver to customers in some kind of logical order...

Vodafone, you're on thin ice! Not impressed.

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2: Seeker

Ok, so her is my Update.....


Ordered November 6th Approx 17:30 and the Mrs ordered just after around 18:00
(iPhone x 256gb Silver)

Online tracker shows step 1 - Order comfirmed.  (both accounts)

Last night a text come through saying my contract has changed over. (both accounts)

Last night the Mrs had an email with her DPD Delivery number (I did not get this email)
We both downloaded the DPD Add. 

Her parcel was there with the same tracking information as what was in the email. 

I added my details and Hay Presto, my delivery was in the DPD App also. 

I had no email to advise me of the delivery 

Today 22nd DPD notified me of the scheduled delivery. 

They BOTH arrived today. 


I ordered on 6/11 and was expecting delivery within 1-2 weeks. 

2 weeks would have been the 20/11 but they came today 21/11. 


I really do hope you all get your devices as soon as possible and know how frustrating it can be. 
its a real mess with the notifications and customer service. 

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2: Seeker

Lucky - unseenmagik17, happy for that you've received both of yours!


However, I'm so ##~## at VF that I still haven't received my (iPhone X) 256gb Space Grey.

Just spoke to their online chat people again - they said they're expecting stock 'within 10 days'... 

This is ridiculous. Trying to stay hopeful it'll arrive end of the week, otherwise feel like canceling and taking my business to EE!

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2: Seeker

At last ordered 2 256gb space grey iPhone x’s on 1st November, Vodafone tracker still says 21 days. DPD app and a text from dpd this morning confirms they are both coming today. 

Quite amusing also because Vodafone told me last week they get delivery’s only on a Thursday from Apple so apparently send out on a Friday. Either way they are finally on the way 

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2: Seeker

I've had an email today from Voda informing me that content lock has been enabled as requested for the iphone X i've yet too receive, it's also appeered on my account now.


Hopefully this means it should arrive very soon as i won't be paying the monthly fee for a phone i don't have, i've yet to receive delivery info though and it says 21 days delivery still.

All seems a little backwards as usual with them.

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2: Seeker

Ordered 09:26am on the 27th of October.


Still no sign!!!

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2: Seeker

Finally an update for anyone still waiting.


If you've read previous post, i ordered on pre-order day, had the usual 3,4,10.21 days for delivery.


Got home today and phone was delivered with neighbour,

No txt or email to say it would be arriving.

Glad it's arrived but really poor comunication, well no communication really.

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2: Seeker

ordered on the 6th november i just keep getting emails being fobbed off , will be contacting you again in 10 days etc 


i have the original live chat transcript that says the phone will be delivered in 3 days , then emaials text that kept getting longer ,

a large percentage of the vodafone sales team cannot help but lie to everyone they attempt to sell something to .


I contacted live chat and said i want an iphone x  & is there a long wait ?


i include a picture of what was sent 

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2: Seeker

I'm the latest update for Android. I had an Iphone X in my hand and my own iPhone ringtone in 2018.


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