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iwatch series 4 mobile data plan not activating

2: Seeker



When I try to set up mobile data from the iwatch app via the iPhone it’s says "Activating" then it goes to a white screen saying loading please wait this should take a few seconds then it just goes back to the iwatch up with the option to "Set up Mobile Data"


I have alreave try the chat support and 191 but still not working. When I called 191 they unlinked my One number secondary product and relinked but I am still not able to activate 


Please check photos attached


Can you please advise




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Oh no @pologin! I know just how important it is to have you Apple Watch up and running and I'm sorry you've been facing these issues. We'd love the opportunity to get this looked into right away and help get things sorted for you. Please contact our team via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Don't forget to include the link to this thread, along with your username.

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