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no service

1: Seeker

Hi I'm really hoping someone can help, I just upgraded to Vodafone having previously been on O2 at carphone warehouse. Its been 24 hours and my new sim is still saying no service. Ive tried contacting Vodafone about this but they don't seem to understand that I do not know my new vodafone number, they have tried to send a text through to my old number but because my phone is now vodafone, i cannot insert my O2 sim and get the texts. Can anyone help?

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17: Community Champion



Usually You can find out your own phone number by typing into your phone *#100# and then dial.



May any I ask the following questions....


When did you port to Vodafone?


Did you upgrade with Vodafone directly or via Cpw. Cpw have been known to be a little slow in updating the Vodafone network to start the contract. 


Also they've been known to open up a 2nd line instead of upgrading. 


Have you tried rebooting the iPhone by turning airplane mode On and Off.


Is this happening everywhere you go ?


Can you try your Sim Card in another phone as a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card that may be at fault. Try another Sim in your phone. If necessary any Vodafone Shop can replace the Sim Card via a Sim Swap. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @t-j-b-1-2-3-4


There is always a delay in receiving documentation and account details when a contract is taken out through a third party. Until Vodafone receive the necessary information from Carphone, Vodafone will have nothing to go on.


You need to take this up with Carphone and make sure they have sent your details onto Vodafone to activate the airtime on their behalf. If you ported over your O2 number for Carphone to process, the number will be live on Vodafone within 24 hours.  


With you being a Carphone Warehouse customer, if you have any interim enquiries these will need to be addressed by Carphone.


In the meantime, you should still be able to use your O2 SIM, as soon as the O2 SIM shows as inactive, you will know the porting process is almost complete.


If you have any problems when your number is active on the network, please come back to the forum or contact Vodafone using the contact us link for help and support.



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1: Seeker

It is not the SIM card or the network. it's the phone. The same issue with No Service plagues the entire US and other european countries at users that have an iphone 7 or 7+. Check the web for iphone 7 no service, there are hundreds of posts with the same problem. Try the SIM in another phone, another model or brand, you will see that the SIM is fine.

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