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A guide to using the Community


Welcome to the Vodafone Community!

This is the place to get technical support, ask general questions around our products and services, and keep up to speed with the latest Vodafone and industry news. You can introduce yourself and read about other community members here.


Community video playlsit (3 videos)

This playlist shows you everything you need to know to find your way around and get involved:

 Getting Started 

 You can Log in and Register two ways:


Once logged in, this menu also contains your Settings, Notifications & Subscriptions.

The Community is split into three areas, Devices, Services & Community to make it easier to navigate and find where best to discover answers. 

We also have a great search tool, so you can find what you need quickly.


Posts and threads

The individual conversations within a board are called 'threads' or 'topics'. They're made up of 'posts' which are individual messages.


Query types

The forum is for community based support and discussion on a variety of topics such as technical queries, device help and industry news. It’s a place to chat and connect with a great, varied and knowledgeable community.


Your forum account isn’t linked to your Vodafone account. Whilst our Social Media team is here to help, for anything account specific, you can also see how to get in touch with customer services on the Contact us page where you can speak securely to one of our customer service advisors over Live Chat or see how to get in touch in-store or over the phone.


Off Topic

We have a category called the Off Topic – this is a great place to discuss things which don’t relate to Vodafone services directly. You can talk about anything here including TV and entertainment news, music, apps and more.


As well as the being able to post on the forum, there are a number of features you can unlock by rising through the ranking structure



You can mention another user in a forum post by typing @ followed by their username.