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NEW location for the Vodafone Sure Signal management dashboard

3: Seeker

For future reference to ANYBODY looking for the Sure Signal management page.


When you log in to your account you'll get a list of the numbers on your phone account in the middle of the page, click on ANY of them. On the left there will be an option "manage services" and if you click that you'll find the Sure Signal dashboard link on the left.

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2: Seeker

worked, thanks.


dodgy link to

from products and services section.


So paper documentation as supplied with the suresignal is pretty much useless...

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2: Seeker

big thanks!

Happy Christmas


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3: Seeker

Thanks for this, Vodafone should update their own support pages with this infomation as the rather vague log into your account and click on my sure signal is not helpful in any way, shape or form.

Thought I was going mad trying to find it, would never have managed without this post seeing it is buried away in the most ridiculous place now! :smileyfrustrated:

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