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Broadband activation

Migrate from VF FTTC to VF Cityfibre Gigasfast - updated post migration

2: Seeker

Cityfibre has just gone live in my area and I’ve signed up to the 100 Meg package, primarily to get improved upload speeds. Ideally would of gone for the 200Meg service but cant justify the additional cost of the recently added Pro packages.

When the CF service goes live is there any overlap before the existing FTTC line is ceased?

- FTTC line working on day of City Fibre install, ceased overnight. 

Are Vodafone’s processes smart enough to keep the FTTC line working if the CF install is delayed?

- no delay thankfully so not tested.

Once the CF install is working I would like to use my own router, is the PPPoE username/password on the CF service the same as the current FTTC line?

- on day of CF installation existing FTTC PPPoE  credentials worked on new CF line for both my own and VF router however neither worked the next morning. Went to online helpdesk chat for a very long, and at times frustrating, session.  New PPPoE credentials provided and worked, together with VLAN911, in my router, however VF router wouldn’t connect and online chat helpdesk wouldn’t progress VF router issue asking to me to contact Gigafast helpdesk who answered promptly and re-provisioned VF router. 

100 Meg service working great and increased upload speed very useful.



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