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iphone 12 on PAYG suddenly can’t send or receive TEXTS but makes calls

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

My iphone 12 has suddenly stopped sending and receiving texts.  When I made a voice call, there was a brief window when Vodafone were able to get texts to me. Then nothing and couldn’t SEND text.  Vodafone text asked me to update my APN settings (after a recent apple update presumably  but not sure).  I followed the link sent etc but it made no difference.  Looking up our service it seems Vodafone has switched off 3G but hasn’t replaced it with anything suitable for texts.  No 4G, No 5G.  What can I do?  I need to make decisions about a Pension but can’t access my details without the security OTP.  Problem with Banking also so it is seriously inconvenient.  Puzzled why I can make only phone calls.  Does anyone know if I can get 2G on an iphone 12?  Reason for asking is my partner had the same problem recently but was able to reset her android phone to 2G to get texts again.   The choices on my iphone seem to be 5G auto; 5G on; 4G.

Any help would really be appreciated.  Nearly impossible to function in today’s world without texts for security OTPs.

Don’t know if it’s relevant but the signal bars for the iphone look ghosted out in light grey (even though I can make calls).  My partners android phone shows 3 bars from same premises (but it is set to 2G).


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @pebbledash you will be receiving a 2G service on your iPhone 12, as this service is predominantly used to connect calls. This is also used to carry SMS messages, and will continue now our 3G network's been retired. So we can take a closer look into the issues you're having receiving these messages, we may need access to your account. As we're unable to discuss anything account related via a public forum such as our community, please pop us a message via one of our social channels.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

After trying all the resets suggested, had almost given up.  Then went on a trip to another area with a good signal.  Tried to send text but no success.  Then made a phone call which was okay.   By time got home, hours later, iphone showed bars and seems to be alright for texts again.   Maybe while being in a good signal area and “sticking head above parapet” gave iphone time to download what it needed to sort itself out.

Just mentioning this as I know how desperate it is when trying to survive with no text service.  Worth a try?