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Loyalty seems to cost! Sim Advice

2: Seeker


I have been with Vodafone since the year dot but for the past few renewals/upgrades it has become such hard work to get a competitive deal from them despite having been a loyal customer. I don't understand why I still am as there service coverage etc over the years seems to have diminished. 

Right to the point in hand.

I have a Galaxy S10 and unfortunately agreed to a Sim only deal which still has 18 months to go!

I wish to give this phone to my daughter and I was going to upgrade to an S22 with Vodafone but they want me to pay way more with less data than I can get for the same phone with somewhere like Carphone warehouse (even on a Vodafone plan).

I feel time to change, so if I get the S22 with someone else can I put the Sim from the S10 into it so I have my mobile number and just see the Sim only deal out and put the Sim from the S22 into the S10 for my daughter?



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17: Community Champion

The benefit of upgrading a SIM only direct through Vodafone @Toonlad is unless things have changed Vodafone will write of what remains of the SIM only contract after when taking out an Evo contract, you need to have had the contract for 6 months and you should qualify.  The best way to find this information is from your online account, or from the Application, MY account, my plan. There is further information on Evo here: Evo 


If you go the third party route although you will be paying less for the contract on a monthly basis, you won't meet the criteria for upgrading early without buying yourself out.


To answer your question about the S10, if your daughter is on Vodafone there won't be any problems.  If she is on an alternative network and the phone came direct from Vodafone it will be more than likely locked to Vodafone. You can get an unlock code here: Unlock My phone , some Samsung phones need a Master code to bring up the unlocking menu and this seems to be something Vodafone fail to give, if you need a MSK Master Code, come back to the Community and the Social Team will make sure you are provided with the code. 


Other than that, contracts are airtime only and you are free to use the SIM in any phone you wish.



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2: Seeker

Excellent information,  thank you so much for your help.

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