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Software update

Morning. Updated my phone software this morning and ever since I've been getting this message

It looks like you?ve swapped your SIM or updated your device. To continue using data and sending picture messages, you need to update your settings manually, as your device doesn?t support automatic settings updates. Get started at

i can't find out where to do this anywhere on the pages it tells me to look. Sending the text WEB to 40127 just sends another message back to me like the one above
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Re: Software update

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Hi @Dunccmpbll


When you change your SIM or update the software, you will always receive that message.


If you have the internet settings already installed on the phone and everything is working, you can safely ignore the text.


When the update is completed, it is recommended to reset the phone, this will clear any bugs left behind prior to updating.


If you synchronise to itunes, this will automatically download the carrier settings.

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Re: Software update

Hi @Dunccmpbll



If you dismiss that message does it go away or is it reoccurring?


Are your services working ok ?


ie Network Connection, calls, texts and data.  



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Re: Software update

Hi guys

Yeah services still appear to be working okay

Thanks for the reassurance
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