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CityFibre / Vodafone experiences?

Before I commit to a 24 month contract, does anyone have any good or bad experiences of the new FTTP offering from Vodafone (through CityFibre)? £30 a month seems a decent deal and even once the exclusivity period ends Zen have quoted me £47.

huckk by 1: Seeker
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4G no internet, no service and constantly on E since 3G shutdown

Ever since the 3G shutdown, I have been getting 4G no internet in most places that never before, even if I have full bars 4G or even 5G, it just doesn’t work at all! Vodafone customer service don’t care in the slightest as it’s “good” on their end, a...

Rxbski by 3: Seeker
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Call forwarding to Rogervoice number

Hi there. I hope everyone is well! I have a severe hearing impairment. I’m trying to set up an app that transcribes the spoken word in real time into transcription so I can follow phone calls.. but I have to forward my phone to a  0121 number for the...

leannJ by 1: Seeker
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MCK code android

Enter MCK, network unlock code blocked too many tries?? What can I do? Who can help me?

Gafur by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone Points scam?

Today I received a text message claiming that my Vodafone points would expire in three days. I clicked on the link they gave me: https://vodafone.coruks.buzz/searchand it had options such as an air fryer and earbuds. It was a bit suspicious, so I tho...


Cooling off period for trade in deal

I have been with Vodafone for 2 years and on 11/05/24 decided to use the trade-in option to upgrade.  When my new phone came (15/05/2024)  decided I didn't want the new phone and would stay with my old one.  As per the returns info on the website I w...

Fozbecks by 2: Seeker
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So will I lose my free calls package?

I'm nearly at the end of my 24 month contract and I had a text message to renew on a new 24-month contract which I was fine to do as it all works OK and it would save me a £3 price increase. However I have a free calls package which it looks like I w...

thesled by 3: Seeker
  • 11 replies
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Contract cost - Broadband

The contract given for my broadband says 71.00 pm, but I was told 35.00 pm, repeatedly. I'm wary of having a contract with no mention of what the discount is. No-one will even give me any paperwork to confirm the amount. How can I get confirmation? A...

TimothyG by 3: Seeker
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Router is in a different part of house from Cordless house phone

Landline phone is not in same room as router. My router is in my mums room as that is where it could come into the house and the House phone is in the living room so how can we get the cordless home phone to work just now since we can't plug it into ...

Suzie_73 by 2: Seeker
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Billing query

Hi Iam at my wits end. I’ve been a Vodafone customer for over 20 years and have always paid my bills. I rang Vodafone before Christmas to change my airtime plan as the two years was up. When I was on phone the advisor asked me which number on my acco...

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