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Vodafone basic plans are still misleading

Basics plan does not come with 5G despite all the misleading information suggesting they do. Please can someone point me to the bit online that says they are 4G  only before I go to advertising standards. Is a Basics SIM only plan not a SIM only plan...

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TV175 by 4: Newbie
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Phone won’t call

Hi I changed to Vodafone today and was with 3. But since I changed I have had no service I was told it would only take 1-2 hrs for the changeover just wondering what would be best to do? 

account login problem - still since Nov

hi,  since 14th Nov I have not been able to Log into my account,  my account have been cleansed 7 or 8 times my CS via 191 and also by Social Media team via Messenger,  I've had numerous password and Username changes,  all failed to log me in,  even ...

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VF slow and reverting to 4G for calls

I'm in the UK on a VF network MVNO. Where I live I get strong LTE and NR-NSA however the 5G speeds are no faster than 4G and when I make a call it reverts to displaying 4G. A couple of km down the road on a different mast the 5G is a lot faster and c...

hunnu by 1: Seeker
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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Hi all,I have been a  member of this forum for probably in excess of ten years, both in my current guise as Tsathoggua and in my previous guise as Biffo1963 until that account was banned for speaking out of turn, i.e. being honest about things which ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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High Ping query: CityFibre Pro II 900mb

Hi, I am a new customer who has just migrated in from Virgin Media's Gig1 product which had terrible ping results amongst other issues and hence why I left as soon as City Fibre connected my street here in Glasgow. One advantage of the move to FTTP w...

aidej by 3: Seeker
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5G wifi internet. Crippling Upload speeds

Hi. I have a Vodafone 5G sim. My 5G coverage is good at the moment. I get good download speeds of over 100mbps sometimes 250mb... but my upload speeds are close to nothing. I spoke with Customer service and updated my APN to Vodafone Internet. My sta...

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