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Configure Yealink VOIP phone with VF SIP landline

Our Vodafone landland / broadband contract for a small business was up for renewal last month, which I renewed with a VOIP / Digital Voice service. I subsequently found out that the Vodafone call forwarding / divert feature which was part of our old ...

Vodafone won't let me pay

I'm in Australia. I've been trying to part pay my bill which i've successfully done in the past, but on this occasion it's not letting me make any payments, i've tried all my debit cards, Apple Pay and Zip Pay, and it always comes back saying 'We're ...

lopazz by 1: Seeker
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Adding mesh network to full fibre (910)

HiGoing to install a mesh network for my parents.they have the Full Fibre 910 (Bournemouth Cityfibre)which I assume uses Powerhub router,brought a set of 3 TP-link Deco S7. I read you need to turn off the wifi on the Powerhub, and you can do that usi...

Smilie by 4: Newbie
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Client Website Blocked!

Hi there,My clients website, ascollections.co.uk, is flagging as unsafe or inappropriate via vodafone secure guard. We've checked everything server side and site reputation and this is affecting their business. Can you please verify and reclassify it...

ApexWeb by 2: Seeker
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Cannot escape from Vodafone bills

I receive monthly Vodafone bills showing a small credit on the account.  This is for a SIM connected to a laptop dongle that I last used in 2006.  I have emailed Vodafone, I have used their online chat, I have dealt with people in a Vodafone shop, I ...

GGb17 by 2: Seeker
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A small number of customers experienced issues using mobile voice and data earlier this morning. Our team has been working hard to fix the issue and we’ve seen significant improvements. We expect the ...


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We had a technical issue affecting mobile voice calls earlier today, our recovery plan is fully in place and usual service has been restored. We will be monitoring the situation closely.


Mobile Voice Calls

We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues making mobile voice calls. Our team continues to work on fixing the problem, which stems from a technical fault in our network. We're sorry for...