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5G Ultra Enablement Text

I took out a new Vodafone contract in June/July this year expecting to have access to 5G Ultra, which is available in my area, but I currently don't because it's not enabled until you receive a text saying it is.Has anyone actually received the text ...

Static IP Issue

HiI have my Voip details, my Asus router access details and requested a static IP. (Caveat: I'm not tech savvy). I need the static IP to retain my landline function using my own Asus router and was hoping for a more stable line.Since receiving the fi...

P1x3l8 by 4: Newbie
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Recieved phone, but no sim

Hey guys, just wanting some peace of mind.Ordered a iphone 15 promax on a monthly contract with a sim topped with everything.the phone has arrived no problems but the simcard was not inside the envelope i got with the phone, do they usually turn up a...

Wndrman1 by 2: Seeker
  • 1 replies
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Red LOS Light - no connectivity after 10 days.

Hey Everyone,I was wondering whether anybody here has experienced the same thing around getting their fibre activated. I placed the order on the 1st, the engineer came out on the 15th, but he said there was no light in the box - "you have to call Ope...


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Multiple failed calls to number on same account

My partner tried 11 times to call me today. My phone didn't ring at all and I didn't receive any missed call notifications. We are both on Vodafone with two numbers on the same account. She got some nonsense message saying my phone was switched off o...

Philbr58 by 2: Seeker
  • 2 replies
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Cant make calls or texts for four days

I have not been able to make calls or texts for four days now. Called Vodafone many times but completely clueless. Just want my pac to leave but they transfer me around. I run a small business and really need my mobile working and hope I have not let...

Unlock code

Hi. I have just received an unlock code from Vodafone but no menu comes up when I switch on the phone with a different sim in. How do I get the menu? Thanks.

pdwork63 by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube - why can't I order it online?

I want to buy a gigacube. For some reason I need to chat to someone to do this (last time I did this it took over an hour to get through to someone). Why can't I just buy one!  

glcat by 2: Seeker
  • 11 replies
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