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FTTP 900 speed and connection issue.

Hey all.If anyone has advice I'd appreciate it. 7 plus hours of calls to VF. Online chats. Escalations. Tier 2. Specialist teams. None the wiser.I started with pure fibre 100. Had 100 minimum up and down consistently. No issues 200. The same. 500. Pe...

Craig_47 by 2: Seeker
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Red LOS Light - no connectivity after 10 days.

Hey Everyone,I was wondering whether anybody here has experienced the same thing around getting their fibre activated. I placed the order on the 1st, the engineer came out on the 15th, but he said there was no light in the box - "you have to call Ope...

Fire Stick getting no internet connection

Hi, as of today, my fire stick is not connecting to our home broadband. This has been working fine since I had the broadband installed over a year ago. Today it is saying that it is connected to the WiFi with good signal strength and “channel 11 qual...

Swilcock8 by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone smart hub issues since joining FFibre!

Has anyone else suffered the constant issues of Wi-Fi degregation, loss of device connection and its strength to reach a device that is only 6 metres away?Has anyone had customer service tell them that it’s not Vodafone’s problem the smart hub they p...

Broadband keeps dropping

My broadband keeps dropping and , whilst I was away on holiday it dropped and did not come back at all. I had to hard reset the router on my return. What can I do?

Certain apps not working

At the beginning of November I moved to a faster broadband service. It was with the same provider and same router. Certain apps on my android phone stopped working on the WiFi. All the BBC apps, Sky News, Gumtree one of my banking apps, Zara and M&S ...

Ultra hub not connecting to smart devises

Hi, We have recently moved from Sky broadband to the Vodafone ultra hub (major mistake, don’t move if you’re considering the ultra hub!).our new ultra hub is not allowing us to connect a JVC tv, our smart heating system and also any smart plugs we ha...