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Ultra Hub

Recently got connected to Vodafone broadband with an UltraHub and it's been a nightmare since day 1. Router constantly rebooting itself every 30 minutes or so and can take up to 10 minutes to get connected. It's been 10 days and multiple calls and st...

Running google nest from Vodafone full fibre

I've just had Vodafone full fibre installed to the house and I'm waiting for activation of the line. During lockdown our vodafone router performed very poorly that I replaced it with an old style openreach modem and google nest.I'm hoping that all I ...

Constant wifi drops ....query smart meter

Hi,I wanted to know if anyone else had had a similar experience to us.We used to have a reliable DSL connection in a medium sized terraced house, the wifi covered the whole house, numerous devices all relatively stable.The all of a sudden our wifi wo...

iano11 by 2: Seeker
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Router kicking off devices

Just got Vodafone superfast broadband but  seem to have an issue with router. Got four devices that I know of that are having issues. Buffalo Nas drive connected by wired cat 6, randomly disappears and I'm unable to re- connect. If I reboot router it...

Constant Drop Outs

Unsure if others have experienced the same issue as I have however I would like to put this here to warn other potential customers in the future.My broadband was years ago on ADSL, slow but stable. When upgraded to FTTC back in 2018 with another prov...

kerryw92 by 2: Seeker
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Connection dropping playing online games

So, my problems started around a month ago when my internet went down for almost 24 hours. Before this event happened my online gaming experience was such that i would experience frequent connection drop outs, game freezes and crashes. Then my intern...

aaron76 by 3: Seeker
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Setting up wifi booster

Hi, we were trying to set up our wifi booster but when trying to log into the app it says unable to find broadband app and doesn’t let us log in. Can anyone help?