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New Android app what a pile of poop

Okay had no choice in the matter but I now have the all new android app, I'm sorry it isn't fit for purpose at all I think a bunch of monkeys could do a better jobThe problems start at the app not recognising my wifi is active, it is green to.the rou...


How to Set up a third party router with vodafone

IF YOU ARE USING A THIRD-PARTY ROUTER THAT WORKS 100% WITHOUT BUGS.PLEASE PM ME THE MAKE AND MODEL SO I CAN UPDATE THE LIST The first thing you need to do is ask Vodafone for your username and password. live chat with Vodafone is best because you can...

gipjon by 16: Advanced member
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Can't upgrade broadband

I upgraded from copper to full fibre 500, we recently had full fibre capabilities installed in my area by openreach, had to wait 2 weeks for engineer, a week before engineer arrived I decided I wanted to change from 500 and get the 900mbps instead bu...

Inflation Increase

Vodafone says"We understand no one wants to see prices increase, but like all businesses we face inflationary pressures which have raised the cost of running our network and providing our services. These cost increases are affecting many telecoms and...

Getafix by 16: Advanced member
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Braodband increase

Why has my broadband increased from £30.75 to £40.75, an increase of 32.5 % since August? That's £120 extra per year. Well above the expected increase. 

Resolved! Manual WiFi channel selection on THG3000

HelloI have recently signed up to move my FTTP broadband connection to Vodafone, with an activation date of 8th MayI have since done some searching regarding how to select your own WiFi channels on the THG3000 and the answer appears to be no you can'...

Stumpy21 by 3: Seeker
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Buying 6e boosters

Has anyone had any success in trying to buy a Vodafone booster 6e from Vodafone?I need more than 3 boosters. Seems the only way to get them is on Ebay. Any ideas anyone?

Guest access and prioritising devices

Is it still possible to (1) Set a schedule for guest WiFi access; and  (2) Prioritise a particular device which is connected to one’s WiFi? I think it isn't, despite various Vodafone websites boasting that it is. I have asked two Vodafone representat...

Helpless by 3: Seeker
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Smart Devices not staying connected or "no data"

Recently I got two smart devices which do not work.  1 is Schneider Drayton Wiser 3 Smart Home Hub with 2 x w/l thermostats. The other is the Smart Doorbells (two of which I failed to get working).  So Smart objects have won 3 nil against me.Both Mob...

Midori47 by 4: Newbie
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