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Router VPN

Hey I'm trying to get a VPN on my router, I have the PRO 2 6e router, and is wondering if there is a way, instead of downloading a sketchy proxy app to connect to my Xbox one, the vpn in question is surfshark. Thanks

Com by 2: Seeker
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How to Set up a third party router with vodafone

IF YOU ARE USING A THIRD-PARTY ROUTER THAT WORKS 100% WITHOUT BUGS.PLEASE PM ME THE MAKE AND MODEL SO I CAN UPDATE THE LIST The first thing you need to do is ask Vodafone for your username and password. live chat with Vodafone is best because you can...

gipjon by 16: Advanced member
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Pro II Hub LAN Ethernet Connections

I've just been upgraded to Pro II, and Voda have sent me the new Pro II Hub and booster pack. At the moment I'm not using them, as I have my own WiFi 6 router, that I have been using with my Voda Fibre since I had it connected 2 years ago. Before I g...

vodafone broadband app not installing on iphone

I have an iphone 14 using ios 17.5.1Everything was working fine with the app until a couple of weeks ago I deleted the app and reinstalled - but it keeps crashing after i enter my user name and password, or pin number Router, wi fi boosters and devic...

Unable to connect 2.4Ghz devices

Hi. I am a brand new customer (today) and have just set up my system. Whilst most things have connected to the router OK (including Ring devices which are 2.4GHz), I have several 2.4Ghz devices (Smart sockets, light bulbs and an RM Pro) that are unab...

KGVIC by 2: Seeker
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Terrible customer service and broadband

I’ve been with Vodafone broadband for 11 days. Had a full 2 days without any internet 3 days after connection. Then yesterday (day 10) internet was constantly dropping out.I have been told my only option if I’m unhappy is to leave but I’ll be charged...

Account Log-in details

I changed over to superfast 2. Installed new router, up and running.  Since then I have been unable to log-in tomy Vf-UK account.    I get to Username/password, seems ok, then wait for the security key to my phone but it never comes. Tried my fixed l...

Tombo747 by 2: Seeker
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