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How to Set up a third party router with vodafone

IF YOU ARE USING A THIRD-PARTY ROUTER THAT WORKS 100% WITHOUT BUGS.PLEASE PM ME THE MAKE AND MODEL SO I CAN UPDATE THE LIST The first thing you need to do is ask Vodafone for your username and password. live chat with Vodafone is best because you can...

gipjon by 16: Advanced member
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Resolved! Anyone else not received their Ring Doorbell?

I visited my local Vodafone Shop on 06 Jan 23 and signed up to Home Broadband and with it came a free Ring Doorbell offer. The advice at the time was that I would receive a text in a few days with the code for the offer. After a month I called custom...

JG1981 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! THG3000 wifi performance

How good is the wifi on the THG3000 as I have changed isp due to poor wifi from their router/modem. I did read somewhere that if subscribing to the 910mps package you automatically got provided with the superior Ultra Hub. Took delivery of the new ro...

Safe Settings blocking shopping sites

Hello, I'm a new customer to Vodafone Broadband since Thursday, and I'm having a problem with content blocking on Safe settings. I have previously used Broadband Shield with no problem, but when I activate safe settings, regardless of which level I c...

THG3000 modem mode

Hi,Have recently had fibre Pro broadband installed with the THG3000 router. The WiFi is so bad that I'm looking for alternative routers to provide WiFi. Is there a way to set the THG3000 into modem only mode and then use a separate WiFi router?Have t...

Alvin01 by 2: Seeker
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