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Pro 2 broadband cant connect Ring doorbell

HiI'm not very techy. I can't connect my Ring doorbell which apparently is on the 2.4ghz frequency. I have looked in the general settings and it says 2.4/5/6, but I can't edit these  (it's says go to superwfi on the app but can't seem to do it there ...

Ka6r9en by 2: Seeker
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IPV6 on existing connections

Hi,I'm aware from the posts here that Vodafone are enabling IPV6 on new connections, and it also seems like some existing customers have it as well.Does anyone know if there is a rollout plan anywhere in the public domain for enabling existing custom...

complaints URL ?

I got an ongoing complaint about the installation of my FF BB . progress has been slow.  Ive had al link to a web page  that lists all the communication about the complaint, but the link has  gone  AWOL . there isnt a link to the ongoing complaint wh...

grolma by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone - Untrustable Cheats

The new CEO Max Taylor needs to retrain his lazy incompetent customer service and complaint staff, who all seem to use names indicative that they are not based in the UK On 6 February 2024, through online chat I discussed and renewed my broadband con...

Ultra Hub Rebooting

Hi,I've recently received my Ultra Hub router and have been having consistent connection drops every couple of hours.I think I've narrowed down the issue but I'm hoping someone can sanity check what I'm seeing:Every couple of hours the internet drops...


Some devices I use require WPS to be switched off. The new app won’t let me change WPS settings and the web access says the app is managing WPS. How can I switch WPS off?  it’s an ultra router

DJM1971 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Wi-Fi scheduling on the THG3000

I was using this facility last year and then turned it off. I recently turned it back on again, and it doesn't appear to work anymore – Wi-Fi continues to work through my specified 'off' period.Has this facility been disabled? I tried a firmware upda...

Unfair practice - complaint

Dear Mr Essam, I am contacting you with a request for your help in resolving a problem I have with unfair practice by Vodafone. In brief: I paid for Vodafone broadband from 2019 to 2022 and was broadly happy with the service.  I wrote to Vodafone req...