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Get support from the community about the Vodafone network

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Get all the Sure Signal support you need and share your setup hints and tips

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Pay monthly

A place to discuss the My Vodafone App, bundles, Vodafone devices and more. For any account specific...

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Pay as you go

A place to discuss the My Vodafone App, bundles, Vodafone devices, Pay as you go Rewards and more. F...

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3x more data not applied

Good evening. I recently joined Vodafone as a new customer about 2 weeks  ago and have just ported my number over. Everything is going OK at the moment accept I never got the 3x more data that was advertised on the  Vodafone website. I've tried texti...

Kevin65 by 2: Seeker
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Cancellation Process Is Outdated

Made this account basically to just explain what a complete nightmare cancelling an upgrade has been.I cannot get into my local store but I ordered the upgraded phone to the store for my son to pick up (which he has done without issue before for my l...

JW707 by 2: Seeker
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Hi requested port in on 20th of November but it still not completed I can make call receive text but when someone calls me it goes to voicemail 

Amir211 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! My website is blocked to anyone on vodafone

Hi, I am getting messages from people saying my website is blocked &/or showing as 18+ but it is not 18+ and it is accessible to anyone off the vodafone network, can you please check and unblock it if so:

jonn4y by 3: Seeker
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Wi-Fi calling

It says please contact vodafone uk to enable Wi-Fi calling on this account what do I do

Cant activate entertainment packs

I have just signed up to a new airtime plan. The new plan has 3 extras. When I go to the entertainment page it is asking me to pay for the entertainment packages. Should I have had a text to active my new entertainment package?

Keep work number

I want to take my work number with me when I leave. My employer is saying I can but I need to pay out the contract which has 20 months to run ! I wondered if it would be possible to change the number so they can keep the contract but somehow move the...

Accessing some IP cameras on 4/5G Network

HiI was previously with EE and had no problem accessing my home IP cameras however since moving to Vodafone I am having problems seeing my Reolink cameras when on 4/5G network. When I launch the Reolink app the bit rate goes flying up and then comes ...

Why is vodafone blocking my website?

Hi, My website Is being blocked by vodafone, stating that it's an 18+ website (it's not 18+ at all!) It works on wifi and O2 networks, but vodafone is giving an issue. I have https enabled and SSL certificates (can be checked on...

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 09.46.26.png
jackhood9 by 2: Seeker
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