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New s24 ultra camera problems

When ever I take a picture on my new s24 ultra it takes one picture then the camera goes to camera failed, after resting the phone the same sequence of events happens.This phones camera is really  not fit for purpose.Bearing in mind this is costing m...

mabez18x by 2: Seeker
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Goodle 8A Pixel

I have upgraded to a Google 8A Pixel, it arrived without a charging adapter, as apparently they dont seem to come with an adaptor. So I purchased an adapter from Amazon which says its "fast charging" adapter. However, when I use it its fairly slow. T...

aqeeluk by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! No internet during calls

Once into conversation after 2mins, the internet goes off, and then the call cuts off or the conversation starts very unclear. Can't search anything on the internet when this hppens. The sign from 4G goes to 3G and then nothing during calls. I use a ...

Setting up 4g calling ready for next year.

Hii have received a text saying 3g calling will end next year. I entered my IEMI number into the check box & it says that my Sony Xperia X Compact is compatible with 4g calling so i contacted a Vodafone worker via Facebook messenger & he sent me a fe...

gazmix8 by 4: Newbie
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how can I recover my facebook messsenger?

I drunk then I deleted message with my wife on facebook messenger. Now i afraid that she knows then she will be crazy like: "what is your funtion to do that?" bla bla...How can I recover message before she knows that?Please, I need your help

Vodafone AppBox app query...PLS HELP!

Hi there.I've recently bought a used Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G phone for a third-party reseller.I was told that he got the phone from Vodafone as unlocked and has never used it since as it was a secondary/emergency device.When i was setting up the phone...

Alcatel 3l not texting iPhones

My Alcatel 3L will not send texts to iPhones. This has been going on for months and several lengthy calls and online chats to Vodafone have not been able to resolve it. I've done soft reboot, hard reboot, taken the SIM out and checked the call centre...


Enter mck, network unlock code blocked too many tries ??? What do I do help I'm  desperate for it,  I have tried  everything  and nothing  is working 

Nosdek72 by 2: Seeker
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