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WiFi calling on a Microsoft Surface Duo 2

 Hi,I have a Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and have never been able to get WiFi calling working. Vodafone say it is not supported (as if Microsoft is some small manufacturer they have never heard of!!!) and my contract is coming to an end, so I thought I w...

AlanI by 2: Seeker
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Overnight phone charging considered misuse?

Hi all,I would like the opinion of other Vodafone users.  Would you consider leaving your phone charging overnight a misuse and breach their warranty T&C?  The reason I am asking this is I have a Samsung S21 that will be 2 years old by the end of thi...

Advice needed please

Hi allMy wife and I both have a Samsung 10  mobile phone with vodafone , for the last 4 weeks I have had a problem and hoping someone knows how to solve it When ever I call my mothers landline (virginmedia) the phone drops the call exactly at one min...

S22 Ultra No WiFi Calling

So unbelievably I had this problem last year and since I had to replace a handset, it's happened again.There is no option to enable Wi-Fi Calling in the settings, it just does not appear. Vodafone support are absolutely useless, have tried both web c...

S_Gi by 2: Seeker
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Android Mobile Device Freezing and Slow Performance

I've been facing some significant issues with my Android mobile device recently. It keeps freezing and experiencing slow performance, which is hindering my day-to-day usage.The device becomes unresponsive at times, with delays in opening apps, switch...


When I want to reply a sms it said Vodacom o not allowed 

Ansie by 2: Seeker
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Error Code 0

I keep getting error code 0 when sending SMS messages, I have enough money in my account.. How can thus be resolved?

mary6549 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! No WiFi Calling menu options on Pixel 8

Just received a Pixel 8 - there are no Wifi calling menu options.   The tech guy on TOBi was a bit rubbish - just kept telling me to enable options that aren't there.I get no mobile signal at home, so can't use MyVodafone app, as it insists on textin...

kingus by 3: Seeker
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Samsung S22 ULTRA issue

Hi, I have had a samsung S22 ultra since launch and have been very happy with it. Until now... Before the begining of november i could go around my home town and to my place off work 20 miles away with signal all day and smooth fast internet 99% of t...

JD777 by 2: Seeker
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