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Full fibre 900 upload speed capped at 20mb

Long story short move to a new place 2 years ago and had Vodafone fibre (open reach) 100/20 installed. This week decided to get upgraded to the 900/100. After some days the download speed went up close to around 800Mbps (4ms) but upload speed remains...

Xkr900 by 2: Seeker
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Slow Speeds since May

I have had issues with slow FTTC broadband speeds and connection drops since May this year and after replacement routers etc I still have no resolution. From taking a contract with Vodafone in February speeds where constant aroun 75mb but since May t...

antonyc by 2: Seeker
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Can I ask a very stupid on Openreach FTTP with Vodafone can table fans interface with your ping.its good you use nicknames on Vodafone community otherwise people think your nuts Lol 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! FTTP Ping on Vodafone

Does anyone know why ping is so high with Vodafone on Openreach Networks. Ping is 27 on Ethernet and WiFi it’s 37it used to be 9 on Ethernet and WiFi it was 15 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Inconsistent download speed

This is driving me insane customer service are getting me no where and my connection has been like this since joining, I'm on 900mb fibre and my download speeds are incredibly inconsistent it's ridiculous.All wired connections I'm talking about but I...

Ultra Hub II: Booster WiFi speeds & 6E

Does anyone know if the speeds when connected to the Ultra Hub II booster should match that of the main Ultra hub II itself?The reason I ask is when my iPhone 15 Pro Max connects using WiFi at 6E to the main Ultra hub II router, my pings are lower (c...

aidej by 3: Seeker
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Aberdeen speed issue on fibre

The previous thread about the speed issues in Aberdeen seems to have disappeared. For those of you that were suffering it, how are things now? Since I've been moved off the Edinburgh gateway, things are fine for me now. I'm nervous to call it resolve...

Internet guaranteed speed

Hello, my internet speed has dropped again, nothing i do can change it are you capping me again! lasted 2 months last time, i just kept thinking it would go back to normal but it never did, spoke to a support person about it before and he told me its...

GordonRN by 2: Seeker
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WiFi speeds not correct

Just had the 900mbps line installed.When the engineer installed it, he tested the WiFi and was like "oh, it's only 500, will probably take awhile to get the speed through".However once he left, I whacked in a cable and did a test and got 930mbps, and...

High upload latency and packet loss

Normally my speeds would be about 1 GB download speed and around 70 Mbps upload speed while having around 20 ping for both, but as of the past few months I have been having trouble with upload latency having around 100-400 ping for upload while the r...