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WiFi speeds not correct

Just had the 900mbps line installed.When the engineer installed it, he tested the WiFi and was like "oh, it's only 500, will probably take awhile to get the speed through".However once he left, I whacked in a cable and did a test and got 930mbps, and...

Slow FTTP 910 speeds are dreaful

I am posting on here as I have already reached out to support and found the support shocking.I have been with Vodafone for around 7 months having initially joined with the 500mbps package. As my requirements have now changed as I wanted to run essent...

adantona by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Superfast 900mb, only hitting 300mb!!!!

A little background, I am a computer networking enginer with multiple years of experince.First got the fibre 900 in and was told it could take a while to hit speeds that were promised. Fair enough.A week later and i was still getting less than the ga...

scurrie93 by 3: Seeker
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Upstream Power Levels

Are upstream power levels typically this low on Vodafone Fibre 2? I swapped from BT about two months ago and have noticed a big difference when playing games on my new Vodafone connection. I play a clientside game, where hits and kills are registered...

Bvertly by 2: Seeker
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Pro Gigafast 900 slow speeds durning peak hours.

Recently upgraded Gigafast 200 to Pro Gigafast 900. And there are massive download speed cuts durning peak hours. Poor download on speedtest, less than 50Mbit sometimes even 16Mbit, timed-out pings on (ping -t), and everything be...

Any suggestions for such low speed performance?

Hi all,I ve been on this broadband package for a year now and and never really recorded anymore than 350-380Mbps against a supposed max of 910 and a min of 450. However on monday i recorded 17Mbps then all went dark. City Fibre failed to show today, ...

910mb connection, bean can and string router

Had 910mb installed beginning of the month, the engineer was adamant I should have had the ultra router, said himself I’d be lucky to get 1/4 the speed my connection was capable of over WiFi. Asked Vodafone the same day and they confirmed my router w...

leeb84 by 2: Seeker
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