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Vodafone Broadband App - Firmware Page Blocker

My Pro 2 500 Broadband has just been installed. I have downloaded the app and logged in. However after selecting set up, a page comes up entitled Firmware and I can't proceed beyond this. Has anyone else had this. Should the firmware be updated on th...

Scrimm by 3: Seeker
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Broadband upgrade when its not yet activated.

Hello all. I have ordered Pro II fibre 200. It goes live in 10 days.  I have spoke to customer services via chat, twice in last 2 days as I was disconnected the first time. What I'd like to do is change the order to the Pro II fibre 500. I've had 2 d...

dksglen by 3: Seeker
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Are customer services correct ?

Account not active yet (Full Fibre 200 Plan) just been doing some checks/searches on the community to try and make sure everything goes as well as possible.I asked a question in the community about the THG3000 and manual WiFi channel selection and ob...

Stumpy21 by 3: Seeker
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FTTP activation failed

Hi,I’m a new customer switching from Sky FTTP services. My activation date with Vodafone has been and gone without any service activating and after much contact with customer support, apparently Openreach need to do “external work” in the next 5 days...

Kx626 by 2: Seeker
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Router access

So today is my activation day the router was actually online by 2 AM this morning, however when I tried to access the router settings through it failed to connect & told me I had entered incorrect details which I had not and then locked m...

fishy09 by 3: Seeker
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Long delay in fibre connection

Hello,We started a switch to Vodafone on 13 Feb and were visited by BT Openreach a couple of days later who advised that work would needed to be done in our garden to connect the property to fibre we had delayed activation until 11 March to tie in wi...

pppoe - CHAP authentication failure

Brand new Vodafone BB customer.  FTTP.Old service, EE, cut off at 3AM, Voda lit up at 8PM.Service active and working on the Vodafone router, but I have a complex setup and have my own UniFi equipment, and am very competent in this field - I know what...

ianian by 3: Seeker
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Fibre broadband activation

Hi All Does anyone know how I can get my fibre broadband activation done earlier? I ask because I have my kit here and I can see the openreach pon light is solid green. I've noticed I can't see a broadband account number associated with my plan? Any ...