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Amazon eero on vodafone connection

I am currently in process of connection to vf after leaving another provider an have been left with a mesh network <eero 6 > which is directly connto my Nokia openreach ont is there anyway of doing the same with vf as I don't see the point of adding ...

Fibre 900 - Replacement Router + Mesh or just Mesh

Currently using Vodafone mobile broadband but upgrading to full fibre next week. Current setup is MikroTik Chateau 5g due to its carrier aggregation (I get over 130 dl / 35ul) which then connects to google mesh over hardwire to provide WiFi through t...

dwizzo by 4: Newbie
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Orders for upgrade to Pro keep getting cancelled

Anyone had this experience and any tips aside from choose another ISP?I have had Vodafone fttc broadband since they started in this field. It works fine but have decided to upgrade to the full fibre Pro service now that our road has had fibre install...

AdeZZZ by 3: Seeker
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It's a bit late!

The reason I left Vodafone back in April of this year was that the cost of me upgrading to FTTP was prohibitive - BT offered me 900/100 for less than 2/3 the price that Vodafone would offer me the 500Mbps plan.  Moving on six months and Vodafone (dir...

Router and SOGEA adapter never delivered

I have had broadband contracts with Vodafone for the past 4 years, but I'm very unhappy with them at the moment and am on the verge of cancelling the latest contract.My Fibre 2 was activated on 8th June with the new router and SOGEA adapter expected ...

No intternet 5 days after installation

5 days after installation I still have no Internet as my order is not complete, I've spoken to many different support staff but unfortunately nothing has been done despite them sending 4 emails to the back end team requesting the order is pushed to c...

AlanBax by 2: Seeker
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Close Wifi in Italy- A crazy story

hello,I'm a foreigner living in Italy. Last year I moved from the center of Rome to the south part.  I asked to close the Wifi in my old house. In accordance with local requirements, I sent my home router back in October , and then trying to close th...

Yewei by 2: Seeker
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