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For help with your Vodafone account, click (here) to contact Customer Services. Want to chat about t...

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Any Guidance For a Newbie?

Hello, all!This is my first post after just joining this discussion, so please forgive me and provide kind assistance if I have posted to the wrong subsection!I am new here but a real enthusiast and loving this community so far. I have a background i...

Declined Credit Check?

How does Vodafone’s credit checking work? I applied for a new phone contract in store and was declined. I was told to appeal it via the form on the website because my credit score is over 900. Only to receive a response that the decision will remain ...

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Resolved! Pink presale

How do I get a pink presale code 

Troper by 2: Seeker
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Privacy of Vodafone customers

I want to know why a Vodafone project manager viewed my LinkedIn profile?The fact that this person seems to have used their official Vodafone LinkedIn account concerns meIf an individual happens to find my account that's one thing but this looks like...

Boglet by 2: Seeker
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How to restrict youtube using SecureNet on Mobile

Hello Everyone,I've noticed my children frequently using YouTube Shorts. Despite my efforts to block all Google URLs on Securent Portal (using a list found online), they are still able to access it through the YouTube app, Chrome, or Safari browsers....

Sim Card Doesnt seem activated

Trying to use this sim card some company sent me but it doesnt seem to be working.Tried using the bot on this site, and tried calling the number, but neither are going through. I click the Chatbot and the site just stops.How can I verify the payment ...

Resolved! Italy Infinito SIM Plan

While in Italy on Oct 18, I visited a Vodaphone store to purchase a SIM card and internet access for my Canadian phone.  I don't speak Italian but was fortunate to find a rep who spoke very good English.  I was recommended to buy and purchased a SIM ...

per4mer by 2: Seeker
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Default payment

Hi,I have recently checked my experian report, and to my shock I have found nearly 18 months of default payments for £15 per month. No idea what it was for, I have had never any form of communication to make me aware of this defaulted payment every m...

essy2k by 2: Seeker
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