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Double nat on xbox x

My xbox x is connected to my mobile broadband and my network is on no strict nat when I go in to my router settings and turn on upnp on it is strict nat when I take It off  its upnp not successful I can't multiplay without nat open and upnp what I ha...

Poppy23 by 2: Seeker
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Random loss of network on router and on phone

I have a Talkmobile sim ( 200 gb ) which I have used for about a year in a zte router in our camper vanNo issues - D/L is usually 15-20 Mb/sec - fine for me.  This is 4GLast three days: network access has disappeared for 12 hrs then suddenly comes ba...

Company website not loading on Vodafone Network

Hi TeamOur website will not loads whilst on Vodafone network. Just hangs waiting for site to load.We have tried multiple browsers & devices. Site works fine when connected to other networks. Note this looks like the same p...

R228t 2.4 to 5 ghz not accepting wifi password

In an attempt to boost signal to tv box l have changed settings from 2.4 to 5 ghz.  To complete this process the WiFi password is required. This field was automatically completed by the settings page itself, correctly, yet when tapping "done" the pas...

2G Connection only on 4G device.

Since the switch-off of 3G a few moths ago, i can now only connect at 2G. I know the device can do 4G because EE works fine even though reception for that network is far worse than Vodafone. I've tried a replacement sim for my account but nothing has...

brogild by 2: Seeker
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R228t battery issue

HiI have a new R228t device and it keeps running low. Am I ok to keep it on charge or will this mess up the battery just as it would a mobile phone? I also see in the manual that the battery’s max charge is 21%. Is that correct, because that seems a ...

Hfb12345 by 2: Seeker
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Connected without Internet

Forgot to pay bill got my services cut off, paid bill but still no services, I have called so many times to refresh the services but still nothing, it saying connected without Internet. When this has happened before and I then paid my bill it has bee...

TommyC by 2: Seeker
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Issues with Mobile Broadband Latency

 So I last year brought equipment to use 4g mobile broadband, and had chosen vodafone because the speeds were initially between 140 and 200mbps on 4g+. My equipment used to connect to the cell 3147032 which netted these speeds and overall a great exp...

Alex2300 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! How do I sue Vodafone

In May 2023 I bought a mobile hotspot from Vodafone and returned the device and cancelled the monthly plan  within the 14-day cooling period  - it wasn't stable enough for my needs.I've made hours of calls to Vodafone who have failed to refund for th...

AEna by 2: Seeker
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