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When does the 15DAYEUROPE Roaming Pass activate?

Hello.I’m travelling with a friend later this month to a few destinations in Europe. All of our destinations are covered under Zone B of Vodafone’s policy. I’ll be needing data when I’m abroad and we are going for about 2 weeks so the 15DAYEUROPE pas...

5G wifi internet. Crippling Upload speeds

Hi. I have a Vodafone 5G sim. My 5G coverage is good at the moment. I get good download speeds of over 100mbps sometimes 250mb... but my upload speeds are close to nothing. I spoke with Customer service and updated my APN to Vodafone Internet. My sta...

Coverage unusable previously fantastic

Since start of February the coverage around NN7 3RD is appalling. Up until then (probably 3G switch off) the single quality had been perfect and has been for over a decade. Around my local area I now have no 4g coverage only E, calls made or received...

Mast locations

I live at RG21 3LW in Basingstoke and am considering the 5g GigaCube option for broadband, I need to know where the mast I would connect too is located.  My windows face directly north and south so the mast location could be important for speed etc.....

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