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Gigacube Connected Without Internet

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

My Gigacube has been working well since purchase, however recently, generally evening time, my devices have been connected without Internet. I've tried restarting it numerous times however no luck. It will sometimes sort itself out over night and when I wake up my devices are connected with no issues, but I work and study from home and need to this WiFi to consistently work. Particularly confusing as its been perfectly fine for the past few weeks but randomly plays up now.

Can anybody give me a hint as to what the problem may be, I'd really appreciate it! 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@jackr123 - I understand this sounds frustrating for you. Especially with you mentioning you’re working and studying from home.

Please enter your postcode onto our Network Status Checker. It will show what coverage to expect where you are and the expected ‘Data speeds’. It also shows if there are any known issues where you are or any maintenance work. 

If it’s showing a different service than what you’re getting, then please come and talk to my team through Social Media.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I was wondering how difficult (or easy, for that matter) it is to get Vodafone’s GigaCube? Last week, I was recommended it as I have no internet connection at my new apartment? Alternatively, how easy is it to get internet installed? Thanks

Hey @maskabone I hope you're doing well! All you need to do is call the Sales team on 191 if you are an existing customer or 0333 304 0191 if you don't already have an account with us. The team can then get the order processed for you or they can run some checks to see if you can get one of our broadband plans.