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GigaCube - initial checks and template

If you're having issues getting service on your GigaCube, please try the following:  1. Firstly check to see if your signal light is on - if yes, please go to number 2. If not, please switch off your GigaCube and remove your SIM card. Please go to nu...

TJ by Community Manager (Retired)
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Vodafone 5G Gigacube vs 5G Mobile Hotspot

In summary, I have to get Vodafone 5G as my home wifi (can't do fibre or get a phone line fitted as it's a rental and the LL won't let me). It's just me in the property, at most I'll have a phone, TV and work laptop connected at any given time. Would...

alled by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone Giga Cube

Hi,I was wondering how difficult (or easy, for that matter) it is to get Vodafone’s GigaCube? Last week, I was recommended it as I have no internet connection at my new apartment? Alternatively, how easy is it to get internet installed?Thanks

gomaa by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone Gigacube or other 5g router

Hi. Thanks in advance for helping I am looking to get a 5G router for my house. It needs to be on Vodafone as they are the only network in my area with 5G. I have been onto Vodafone about their 5G Gigacube but they are adamant that i have to have a g...

kinmo by 2: Seeker
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GigaCube antenna

I have a new (20.01.2024) Vodafone home broadband WiFi GigaCube, it does not seem to have inputs for an antenna! As such I will have to send it back as I am in a weak signal area and I have to use an external antenna. Am I missing a hidden flap behin...

oneale10 by 2: Seeker
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5G Gigacube and Double NAT

Hello,I know there have been some much older posts on this, but I'd like a current update if anyone can help.I have a legacy Gigacube (H112-370 5G CPE Pro device) which doesn't support bridge mode. Using this device I'm not aware there is a solution ...

Gigacube - why can't I order it online?

I want to buy a gigacube. For some reason I need to chat to someone to do this (last time I did this it took over an hour to get through to someone). Why can't I just buy one!  

glcat by 2: Seeker
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5G Gigacube MTU issue and UPNP issues on XBOX

Hi all,I have the TCL HH500V 5G GIGACUBE with the GigaCube data plan unlimited, due to where I live its kinda the best option I had as I cant get a fixed broadband line better than about 5mbps. Upload and download speed wise its pretty good and often...

Gigacube 5g not connecting with Canon TR4551

The Gigacube works absolutely fine with HP laptop, Alexa, Android but not with the Canon TR4551.  I have tried to reset the Canon printer etc but still not working - even though it displays 'Gigacube' and it will not connect.  Please can anyone advis...

Oculus/Meta headset causing havoc with other devices

I got an unlimited package using a 5G gigacube about 12 months ago... The service has been a little unreliable at times but on the whole ok (apart from the annoying NAT3 gaming issue which is another story) My son got an oculus quest headset for Chri...