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GigaCube - initial checks and template

If you're having issues getting service on your GigaCube, please try the following:  1. Firstly check to see if your signal light is on - if yes, please go to number 2. If not, please switch off your GigaCube and remove your SIM card. Please go to nu...

TJ by Community Manager (Retired)
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Giga Cube strict NAT TYPE. I am not sure why no body told us about this major technical issue for people that use Giga Cube strictly for online gaming. I feel betrayed as no one from Vodafone told me that it would be impossible to change the NAT type...

Njmh94 by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube Nat type 3 any update?

I just bought the gigacube on a 24 month contract and have just found out the Nat type seems impossible to change which is awful for gaming on the ps5 / Xbox.  I did read about these issues just now and was wondering if this has been updated at all? ...

End of Gigacube Contract

Hi There,My business left Vodafone earlier this year as we were no longer trading as we had been and no longer required the two Gigacubes we had. Our contract period had ended some time before.When I closed the contract and spoke with Vodafone (a pro...

ZTE MC888 GigaCube DNS Server

Hi there I need to set a static IP address on one of my devices, but it is asking for the DNS server address. Can anyone tell me what the default DNS server is for the GigaCube?Thanks 

Gigacube speeds are abysmally low - DO NOT PURCHASE

I live in Reading in England, in the centre and I have had the Gigacube for over two years and this community needs to know that it is not a reliable long term solution. I was at first happy with the speeds but MANY times the device speeds would drop...

dist21 by 2: Seeker
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Super slow Gigacube 4g

My gigabyte internet is bad.After 1 year of usage i had no issue till 5 of June 2024.My gigabyte gains only 5mbs and not 200mbs(how was before).Please fix it.Post:57078 Model:gigabytes

Bise_Sm by 2: Seeker
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Bad packet loss during peak times (3pm - 9pm) everyday

Hi All, I've been having very bad packet loss for the past 10 months or so. I used to have the Huawei 5g cpe pro which the issue started on. Since Vodafone don't offer replacement devices, I started a new Gigacube contract last month so I could try t...

vodafone 5g.PNG
Jonoob by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone 5G Gigacube vs 5G Mobile Hotspot

In summary, I have to get Vodafone 5G as my home wifi (can't do fibre or get a phone line fitted as it's a rental and the LL won't let me). It's just me in the property, at most I'll have a phone, TV and work laptop connected at any given time. Would...

eneny by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube Issues

The giga cube team have failed to fix my issues again. New Gigacube worked fine for three months then after a few hours will lose internet connection. Had the sim in my phone and all worked fine. Was sent to a store to swap the sim and the same issue...

steveraw by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube stopped working

My gigacube stopped working 3 months ago and had swap sim sent. everything failed. even tested it on phone and sim works fine. so now need to get it repaired. anyone know the costings 

sharonrg by 2: Seeker
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