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My Vodafone App - Workaround

The My Vodafone App is still M.I.A. so here is a simple workaround that gives you all the main information you want from the App.   Windows Phone has this great feature that let's you Pin Applications and Web Pages to the Start Screen. It's this "Pin...

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Now that Microsoft have released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for un-branded Lumia phones including the Lumia 930 how long will it take Vodafone UK to release it to us for the Vodafone Lumia phones?RegardsInfinidim

Apple Watch Unlit 2 - Cannot Move OneNumber to New Watch

I have had an Apple Watch Series 4 working for a few years now with OneNumber.Two days ago, I upgraded the Watch to an Apple Watch Ultra 2 and my wife's Watch Series 6 was upgraded to an Apple Watch Series 9. We set them up and followed Vodafone's st...

Charged for calls not made from my phone!

Hi,     Received bill on May 13th & noticed an extra charge,  £2.80 I think, & explored the reason for this.It appears that I have been charged for three short duration calls, two of them only for several seconds & the third for just over a minute. I...

Elworth1 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Galaxy watch query

When I got my Galaxy watch 4 I gave my previous Galaxy watch to my brother. He has no interest in using the phone features, so if I stop paying the £7 connection fee, will he still be able to use the other watch features?

raymartin52 by 13: Advanced Member
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Nokia Lumia 520 Sound issues

Hi, Had the above for just over a year and the sound keeps coming and going, this morning I had the sound fully up and had a text but no sound?! So didn't know I had message until I looked.Same happened yesterday, just vibrated yet the ringtone sound...

Oneplus 2 oxygen OS 3.0.2 compatability issues on Vodafone (UK)

I'm having issues getting my OnePlus 2 to connect to a 4G network after upgrading it to Oxygen OS 3.0.2, I've gotten a message from my carrier (Vodafone uk) saying that:"It looks like you’ve swapped your SIM or updated your device. To continue using ...