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NO Mobile Data Samsung watch4

Hi there,  I just purchased a new phone and also a galaxy 4 watch. I have set everything up, the watch shows 4g, it says vodafone uk, and the esim appears to be activated in my subscription account details. The watch however is not working on 4g and ...

International SMS cannot send but can receive

I have an Google Pixel 3 in Australia (purchased from Vodafone) and I'm trying to send SMS to my boyfriend's Samsung in Canada. I can receive all of the messages he sends, but anytime I try to reply, a message comes up that says "Not sent" and he rec...

Miui 12.5

When will Vodafone release Miui 12 5 for the Mi 11 Ultra    

Paulh81 by 2: Seeker
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Connecting Honor 10 lite phone to the internet

I own an Honor 10 lite phone. When I go through the procedure to connect it to Vodafone's internet service the first question it asks me is the make of my phone. Honor does not appear on the menu of options which Vodafone provides. I know that Honor ...

milco by 2: Seeker
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Voxi device guide

Hi I'm trying to set my phone on the device guides but I don't seem to be finding my phone manufacturer which is one plus any help?

Help with a vodafone v1640

Hi all,Looking for somewhere that can fix a vodafone v1640 (02 xda exec) and also where I could find new batteries for the same?Thanks,Regards,Anthony

BlackBerry Internet service

Why has Vodafone apparently disconnected my connection to the BlackBerry Internet Server? This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time was in February 2020 when I moved to a new plan. When I was moved, the BIS was not available on ...

Resolved! Problem with Samsung Galaxy watch

I have found that if my phone (Samsung A20E) is switched off calls are diverted to my landline, rather than to my Samsung Galaxy watch. The watch buzzes when the phone rings and I can use it to answer calls, but I should be able to make and receive c...

raymartin52 by 13: Advanced Member
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