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Number ported but still saying temporary number on iphone

I recently moved to vodafone and had a temp number whilst my old number ported. I got a text to say my number had ported today however in my iphone settings it’s still saying the temp number and isn’t updating to my usual number ? Can anyone help? 

naomi99 by 1: Seeker
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Resolved! Apple Watch Ultra and One Number - Plan being Dropped / not in use

I went through a tortuous and painful onboarding journey with Vodafone to take out a Sim only (on an existing iphone 13 Pro Max) and add "One Number" so I could share the data with. I wasted my life talking to a bot that was completely unhelpful and ...

Crellster by 4: Newbie
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Block device missing from updated broadband app

Why has the block device option been removed from the new Vodafone broadband app. The question is being asked on here on the web and on the app store reviews, which have been shocking ever since this app update.

New Vodafone Broadband app

Hi I recently updated the Broadband app from the Apple store and now I am unable to log into the app without the error message saying "Something unexpected error has happened".My understanding from emails about the updated app is that I have to enter...

New Broadband app

Just upgraded to the new broadband app . In old app I could go in and block devices individually. I don’t see that option in the new app ? Please don’t tell me that options no longer available……

Apple Watch Mobile Service

Hi, I get this message every time I try to register my watch on the net work. Ive tried with 2 different phones and still the same message, anyone else experience this? 

Rutledge by 4: Newbie
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Considering Switching to iPhone from Android – Seeking Advice

I've been a dedicated Android user for as long as I can remember, and I've never had the chance to use an iPhone or any Apple product outside of store displays. It's not due to any particular ideology; I simply couldn't justify the additional cost co...

Apple Watch

Help! Over 8 weeks and mobile data still not working on my Apple watch. Can anyone help?

SteveSJB by 2: Seeker
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Apple Watch Ultra 2 One Number plan failing

Received my watch from Vodafone.  My One Number account shows that the watch subscription is active.  The Watch App says ‘Your Vodafone Uk account is not eligible to enable mobile service. ‘. Any fix for this or do I have to spend hours waiting on a ...

postsi by 2: Seeker
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