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Resolved! Proof of barring needed for my insurance claim

I have lost my phone 2 days ago and on the same day I called and also chatted to vodaphone advisor saying I have lost my phone and my SIM card and then my phone insurance company was asking me for proof of barring from my network and I have tried con...

Resolved! Apple Watch Ultra 2 not connected to data plan

Hi, I have had my new Apple watch Ultra 2 now over 24 hours and it still can not connect to my onenumber plan. My mobile is a iPhone 14 pro max. i've repaired and turned devices on and off and makes no difference.My iphone does have the esim in 'sett...

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Proof of Usage for ESIM showing no IMEI details

Hi I just asked from Vodafone for proof of usage for my ESIM  which I am using from last 6 months but they are giving me only physical sim usage with IMEI which I barely used 1 day while with ESIM they are not showing the IMEI. What should I do it is...

Usaf1995 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! adding esim on iphone 13 hung in "activating"

I just purchased a 30 day data only esim for my trip and I'm trying to install it.  my phone is stuck on the cellular/mobile page showing "activating".   I am on Verizon in the US.How do I activate this card to when I get to Portugal/Spain, it works?...

ghstudio by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone ES slow on iPhone

Hello! I have been using a Vodafone sim on an iPhone 11 for about a year. The data feels slow, almost like there is a timeout that needs to happen before packets start coming across. This does NOT happen when I use any Android phone. I have tried sev...

okomo by 2: Seeker
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Carrier Settings Update 58.0

Hey everyone, 17.4 OS for iPhone was released last night and I have noticed that my carrier settings  have updated to 58.0, does anyone know what this actually changed on the phone? I remember previously when things like wifi calling and Volte was ac...

Does Apple Watch now work reliably on Vodafone?

I’m about to buy an Apple Watch 9. I’m debating between the regular GPS one and a cellular one. The only thing putting me off the latter is the slew of posts on here about issues connecting it to OneNumber, etc. Have these now been resolved or is thi...

Apple Watch network service

 Help!I bought an Apple Watch on Vodafone to pair with my Vodafone contract on my iPhone, and for some reason I’m not able to connect it to my mobile service. Every time I try, I get this “subscription already exists” error, and it asks me to unpair ...


Resolved! Uk

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Broadband app connectivity

I have had trouble continually with connecting to my router even before the new version of the app. I get “ router is offline “ errors all the time now when trying to connect, and I know it isn’t because all devices are working. My phone is iPhone 11...