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Apple Watch dispatch!

Right where do I begin! Ordered an Apple Watch about a week ago now once I ordered it I was given a tracking number which when I tried to track via the Vodafone website, the website wasn't working!! An apparently it's been like this for months the gu...

Apple Watch 4 Space Grey Despatch Date

hi - ive been told this is out of stock but have no info as to when it will be back in stock - ordered a couple of days ago and told it would be here next day - any ideas?thanks

geegem by 2: Seeker
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Remove Blacklist

i lost my phone and we blacklisted it trough Vodafone. Then I found my phone again and we asked Vodafone to take the blacklist off. We did it via email, via chat and twice we have been told that all the restriction were lifted. After a week nothing h...

Resolved! NUC code

Hi I filled out the on-line form 3 weeks ago to request a NUC code for my old phone as I have recently upgraded my contract and have given my old handset to my brother. I was under the impression that it would take up to 10 days to recieve but we are...

j_p by 1: Seeker
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Mobile shows 4G signal but no internet access

Hi, My iphone 6s suddenly stopped accessing internet using my data package.  The phone shows full signal with 4G and I've checked and there's not a network issue.   I've phoned 191 and followed their advice - rebooted my phone, reset network settings...

docrox22 by 3: Seeker
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Apple Watch not working after upgrade

Hi all. I have had an Apple Watch 4 since November time and have just upgraded my phone to an iPhone XS. I received the phone Friday, and set it all up, but since then I have not been able to set up the data plan on the watch. It goes to activating, ...

B3ckys by 3: Seeker
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Iphone 7 charging and battery

My new iphone 7 looses charge very quickly and the charger gets very hot.  My husband has the same phone and his charger does not do this.  Is the phone/charger defective?

New Apple Watch 4 no mobile data

I can’t believe this is still happening, got my Apple Watch 4 days ago and still no mobile data , it keeps telling me my account is not eligible, I’ve spoken to countless tech support the all say the same thing we need to activate your Apple Watch, m...

Vodafone not working correctly on iOS 13 Beta 2

I am on the new iOS 13 beta 2 (build 17A5508m), and I noticed a couple of bugs and things that don't work with the Vodafone UK 36.5.5 firmware. The mobile data page is not displaying at all, the 4G sign up in the status bar now says LTE, and the phon...

PeterRuth by 2: Seeker
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