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Impossible to get any Customer Service!

I bought a Vodafone GPS tracker in November 2021 for my dog with a sim to connect to Vodafone network. It never really worked properly as my dog would run off heading west and as soon as she was out of sight, I would check the tracker and it would sa...

Tracking App

As others have said, The app used to work until earlier this year but now when I want to track my car which I have to park in the road it tells me where it was 3 days ago?   Or if you are Very Lucky where it was 6-12 hours ago.I Refreshed the app 40 ...

Hinsley by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone Curve app "something went wrong"

I have a Vodafone Curve and its worked fine for 2.5 years. It looks like it had an update a few days ago so not sure if that is a coincidence but now when I try and open the app it says "something is not working" When I put the Curve on charge I get ...

2g DATA sim required for vodafone Move Track

 Vodafone Move Track GPS module"requires the vodafone 2G V-Sim" Question) How can i get a replacement SIM for this (preferably Europe/worldwide)((or))can i buy a regular 3g/4g DATA only sim? and will this still work?thank you

GPSuser by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone Curve Coverage

Hi, I live in Nigeria. I bought the curve in South Africa on the premise that the tracker works in 90 countries including Nigeria although I’ll have to pay a subscription fee. However I can’t even register on the Vodafone smart app as it only list co...

Toyo5 by 2: Seeker
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Lost all details for vodafone curve

I have a Vodafone curve on a two your contract. I stopped using it for a while and now I want to get it going again but I have no records to tell me my account info.   I have emails of my original order from Amazon and two emails from Vodaphone confi...

Curve tracker Bluetooth out of Range

I have 2 Curve trackers that work fine other than they both report Bluetooth is out of range even when they are right next to my phone ?  I contacted Vodafone who advised I needed a firmware update - followed instructions but didn't resolve problem s...

gtallman by 2: Seeker
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