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Activity in Mobile devices & unlocking

I need MCK code

My Network unlock code blocked and I need MCK code.

Gafur by 2: Seeker
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i need an mck code

H I have a Samsung 10 lite I have changed network on this phone  from Vodafone to labara /Vodafone, now smarty /3my screen is showing Enter MCK. Network unlock code blocked .Too many incorrect attempts.i was sent a your unlock code number 46379195hel...

alic1971 by 2: Seeker
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Slow Downloads

I have a Samsung S24 Ultra 512Gb which has recently become very slow to download data either via 4G/5G or wi-fi. I have a superfast wi-fi connection. I have contacted Vodafone on 3 separate occasion and they have told me to perform a reset of my wi-f...

alang4 by 2: Seeker
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Spotify Entertainment Package

I am trying to add Spotify from the entertainment package to my basket however I keep getting an error message everytime I try and add it to my basket. The image linked is the error I keep getting. Please help.

Megc123 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! No internet during calls

Once into conversation after 2mins, the internet goes off, and then the call cuts off or the conversation starts very unclear. Can't search anything on the internet when this hppens. The sign from 4G goes to 3G and then nothing during calls. I use a ...

Repair Centre Address

I have wasted over an hour trying to get the repair centre address…… chat/phone/google …as was not emailed info as was supposed to happen…… anyone got it please? thanks dan 

Data never works abroad

I have had a Vodafone business iPhone for 7 years. In the last two years it hasn’t worked abroad. In Finland, Sweden, Germany and the US it has not worked. I have spent many hours on the phone to  Vodafone, trying countless things, they have assured ...

R228t 2.4 to 5 ghz not accepting wifi password

In an attempt to boost signal to tv box l have changed settings from 2.4 to 5 ghz.  To complete this process the WiFi password is required. This field was automatically completed by the settings page itself, correctly, yet when tapping "done" the pas...