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Activity in Mobile devices & unlocking

New Broadband app

Just upgraded to the new broadband app . In old app I could go in and block devices individually. I don’t see that option in the new app ? Please don’t tell me that options no longer available……

4g broadband

I use a Vodafone sim to supply household broadband in a rural area with no landline  option for broadband. We get a good signal and speeds (4g+) around 100Mbps during the day, Every night without fail at around 6pm, the speed drops to 3 or 4 Mbps and...

Davidch by 2: Seeker
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New Vodafone Broadband app

Hi I recently updated the Broadband app from the Apple store and now I am unable to log into the app without the error message saying "Something unexpected error has happened".My understanding from emails about the updated app is that I have to enter... trying to intercept my Internet traffic

When trying to visit on the Vodafone network, something within Vodafone is causing to be inserted into certain https connections such as the above. is issuing a fak...

vodafone_network.png non_vodafone_network.png
michaed by 3: Seeker
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Attempting to get a MCK CODE

Good Morning, I am trying to get a MCK Code to unlock my phone.  A lot of the people that have asked have been directed to the Social Media Team is that still the case.Regards 

catsann by 3: Seeker
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Apple Watch Mobile Service

Hi, I get this message every time I try to register my watch on the net work. Ive tried with 2 different phones and still the same message, anyone else experience this? 

Rutledge by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! No WiFi Calling menu options on Pixel 8

Just received a Pixel 8 - there are no Wifi calling menu options.   The tech guy on TOBi was a bit rubbish - just kept telling me to enable options that aren't there.I get no mobile signal at home, so can't use MyVodafone app, as it insists on textin...

kingus by 3: Seeker
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Error Code 0

I keep getting error code 0 when sending SMS messages, I have enough money in my account.. How can thus be resolved?

mary6549 by 2: Seeker
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Samsung S22 ULTRA issue

Hi, I have had a samsung S22 ultra since launch and have been very happy with it. Until now... Before the begining of november i could go around my home town and to my place off work 20 miles away with signal all day and smooth fast internet 99% of t...

JD777 by 2: Seeker
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