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My new 5G mobile hotspot hasn't been activated

I had a new 5G mobile hotspot delivered on Tuesday, but unfortunately it's showing as "limited service". Having spent several hours going back and forth with telephone and live chat advisors, I believe it's because the web order also included home br...


I have this phone I bought from eBay.Galaxy So.The Network Status says : UNLOCKED but CSC is still on VD2 & VOD. Id like some assistance bcoz I only knew this after replacing the screen, which was the reason the initial owner sold it.I have the eBay ...

JothamKE by 3: Seeker
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R228t battery issue

HiI have a new R228t device and it keeps running low. Am I ok to keep it on charge or will this mess up the battery just as it would a mobile phone? I also see in the manual that the battery’s max charge is 21%. Is that correct, because that seems a ...

Hfb12345 by 2: Seeker
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Coverage unusable previously fantastic

Since start of February the coverage around NN7 3RD is appalling. Up until then (probably 3G switch off) the single quality had been perfect and has been for over a decade. Around my local area I now have no 4g coverage only E, calls made or received...

Resolved! Apple Watch Ultra 2 not connected to data plan

Hi, I have had my new Apple watch Ultra 2 now over 24 hours and it still can not connect to my onenumber plan. My mobile is a iPhone 14 pro max. i've repaired and turned devices on and off and makes no difference.My iphone does have the esim in 'sett...

rkelly113_0-1712252771462.png rkelly113_1-1712253090544.png

2G Connection only on 4G device.

Since the switch-off of 3G a few moths ago, i can now only connect at 2G. I know the device can do 4G because EE works fine even though reception for that network is far worse than Vodafone. I've tried a replacement sim for my account but nothing has...

brogild by 2: Seeker
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