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Broadband cancellation, welcome voucher

I've been going through the rigmarole of trying to have a dropout issue resolved, to no avail, and so I'm preparing to cancel my 24 month broadband contract- despite the fees incurred(!)My query is about the £110 voucher received as a welcome bonus w...

Fhwill by 1: Seeker
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3rd Party Router on full fibre 900

Hi everyone.I feel like I am going insane trying to get my Asus DSL-AX82U router working as a replacement to the vodafone hub. I've scoured these boards and even amazon comments to try and get it working. FTTP/H by openreach. Password and email to th...

aliyua by 2: Seeker
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Red LOS Light - no connectivity after 10 days.

Hey Everyone,I was wondering whether anybody here has experienced the same thing around getting their fibre activated. I placed the order on the 1st, the engineer came out on the 15th, but he said there was no light in the box - "you have to call Ope...

Fire Stick getting no internet connection

Hi, as of today, my fire stick is not connecting to our home broadband. This has been working fine since I had the broadband installed over a year ago. Today it is saying that it is connected to the WiFi with good signal strength and “channel 11 qual...

Swilcock8 by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone smart hub issues since joining FFibre!

Has anyone else suffered the constant issues of Wi-Fi degregation, loss of device connection and its strength to reach a device that is only 6 metres away?Has anyone had customer service tell them that it’s not Vodafone’s problem the smart hub they p...

Vodafone App missines WPS option ?

I am missing something, has the so called "our fresh new Home Broadband " removed alot of functionality, I cannot see the internet speed.But one option i really liked, was remotely pressing the WPS button via the App, really useful when add new hardw...

Vodafone want to give me a new VOIP number.

So I used to be with plusnet and they were happy to continue giving me phone and broadband until they take down the copper cables in 2025 or whenever its happening, but it was more than what others were offering so I moved to Vodafone under the expli...