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New Power Hub just a blue flashing light for days

Can anyone help me with a new connection that doesn't work?I have a new Power hub connected to a City Fibre wall box. The install team left me with the router flashing blue and said it might take an hour to connect.It's been 5 days now with daily onl...

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Scott775 by 3: Seeker
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CityFiber vs Openreach 2.2GB

Lol typical, after years waiting for FTTP, 2 buses arrive at the same time. I had Openreach (overhead) PRO II FTTP as soon as it was announced in my area a couple of months back but just had a letter through letterbox saying CityFiber will be laying ...

Resolved! replacing Vodafone router with DIY pfsense pc

So in anticipation of switching from FTTC to FTTH with Fibre 500 I've been setting up a DIY PC (Fujitsu Futro s920) with pfsense the last few weeks.Once it went live yesterday I went online with vodafone chat and got them to send me my login details:...

Router VPN

Hey I'm trying to get a VPN on my router, I have the PRO 2 6e router, and is wondering if there is a way, instead of downloading a sketchy proxy app to connect to my Xbox one, the vpn in question is surfshark. Thanks

Com by 2: Seeker
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Using my own router - OPNsense CityFirbre

I had my new cityfibre line installed today  was hoping to use my own firewall instead of the Vodafone supplied one.  I have one of these wall boxes with a Ethernet cable going to the WAN on the router when I plug this WAN cable into OPNsense I don't...

vmguru by 3: Seeker
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Landline reset with Ultra II router?

Hi, new Vodafone customer after years and years with BT.The Ultra Hub I notice is reseting with status 'System Self' in the log every other day ONLY when my wife is chatting to her relative on the landline. The landline is typically used for around 1...

JasonPC by 2: Seeker
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