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New Vodafone customer with slow wifi speeds - getting nowhere with support

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I've been a customer for about 3 weeks.  The package I bought should give internet speeds of up to 910mbps.  Using a cable attached to a laptop we do get these speeds.  However the wifi speeds throughout the rest of the house are abysmal.  We were sent a booster which has made no difference whatsoever.  Regularly getting speeds of less than 100mbps even when laptop/mobile is with 50cm of the router.  Son routinely gets no higher than 10mbps on new PS5 (his room is about 20 feet from router).  Brand new TV downstairs (30 feet away maybe) gets about 6 or 7mbps. We had the router installed upstairs as husband's office and all gaming devices are upstairs.  We can barely watch streaming services on the TV downstairs as they keep pausing which is infuriating.  We installed the booster downstairs but it made no difference.

I have spent at least 4-5 hours on calls with support who say as the speed we get when hardwired to the router is ok that it's basically our problem.  I have been told to move router into the middle of the room, keep away from walls.  Not sure how i'm supposed to do this when power socket for router is on a wall and cable is about a metre long.  Never had an issue with any other broadband supplier.  Just moved from Virgin to get a better price.  Wish I'd never bothered.

I'm being told i can upgrade to Pro Plan but I have to pay extra for this.  I am reluctant to do this.  Feel like i'm paying for something that actually doesn't exist - i.e. decent wifi speeds.

I'd be really really grateful for any advice anyone can give me on how handle this/improve the wifi (just don't suggest having the router right in the middle of a room!!!!).  I asked about cancelling the contract and I'd go with someone else but they said as it's more than 2 weeks I can't.  I'm stuck with something that isn't fit for purpose.

Thanks for reading.  Grateful for any feedback.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Jillb217  Firstly search the forum, there seems to be a bit of this going on. Be aware that unfortunately the construction of your property can negatively impact on the WiFi (it does where I live). There are some simple things you can do; see if the speed is any different on the guest WiFi and reset the router. Neither are guaranteed but the VF router is an odd box. 

Don't think about extending the DC voltage as it'll drop due to resistance in the wire. For a test just use an ordinary mains electricity extension, they are often about 6 feet long. You may have to get a longer bit of ethernet to reach the ONT.