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Some very odd WiFi speeds

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hey, everyone.

I moved over to Vodafone broadband last week and some very strange things are happening with the Wi-Fi speed.

My laptops in the house (when connected to the router via cable) get the full 500Mbps that I'm contracted for.  But on WiFi, they only get about 160-180Mbps.  My (android) phones gets the same.  My Playstation is worse - it only gets about 65Mbps on WiFi.

However - my wife's iPhone gets the full 500 (or thereabouts), so does my daughter's iPhone and iPad - as do all my mates that have iPhones.  It seems that anything other than Apple products (Microsoft, Playstation, Android, Chromebooks etc) gets about a third, which doesn't sound right.

All the speed tests were done using Ookla and they were all done in the same room as the router.

Tried chatbot help.  They remotely re-set the router and suggested I left it a few days.  No change, and no surprise there.

Has anybody else encountered this?  TBH - I'm not that bothered about the phones as I'm not much of a phone user/downloader, but the Playstation speed is a big disappointment to me.

Thanks in advance


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@hobbes748  It's been noted elsewhere on this forum that the WiFi speeds are unreliable. Are you using the VF supplied router or a different one?

If you have IP6 switched on then try turning it off. It is going to be rolled-out but the process is only just starting and recently there have been some strange problems that appear to be related to the IP6 settings. Keep an eye out for updates as the IP6 situation is likely to change.

Good afternoon.  Thanks for the reply.  I am using the VF router and (other than changing the password) the settings haven't been faffed about with. 

The IP6 suggestions was an interesting one, as a Google threw up a few articles saying that VF are having issues with some apps on android devices.  I thought we'd cracked it so, as you suggested, I turned IP6 off and rebooted the router.  Sadly, it made no difference. ☹️

That being the case, should I leave it off - or turn it back on again?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@hobbes748  If you're not using it, I'd leave it off until there's some sign of it being useful and reliable.