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Apple Watch Ultra and One Number - Plan being Dropped / not in use

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I went through a tortuous and painful onboarding journey with Vodafone to take out a Sim only (on an existing iphone 13 Pro Max) and add "One Number" so I could share the data with. 

I wasted my life talking to a bot that was completely unhelpful and a webchat service that wasn't much better

I spent hours on the phone to people who had no idea how to fix  the problem with countless resets. Eventually I got through to someone, who through some form of witchcraft managed to get my One Number working on my watch. 

I was also paying for a service that Vodafone couldn't deliver - I expected a pro-rata refund but no notification of such & which never materialised . 


Putting that to one side, I now at least had the working setup I wanted. 


That was then ... this is now. The plan has been dropped from my watch - it's there for very occasional use so I'm not checking the status but I see I have "No Sim" and "no Connection" on the watch. 


I can see by searching the forums this is a recurring complaint from Apple watch customers on One Number and is specific to Vodafone. I want someone to 1) get my watch working again 2) Assure me this won't keep happening 3) compensate me for the non-available service. 





4: Newbie

Apologies I forgot to update on the outcome - Some advice for those experiencing problems. I received a series of unsatisfactory responses from Vodafone customer services; including having to pay an early termination charge (I had been told previously I wouldnt) . 

I initiated what’s known as the “deadlock” process with Vodafone. Long story short my terms were met . I received a full refund of my monthly one number charge and the early termination fees were waived. Vodafone are bound by a contract to supply a service and they fell woefully short. 

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Hi @Crellster 👋 I do apologise for the issues you've faced with your watch connection, unfortunately we don't have account access here on the forum. If you can contact us via social media by following this link, we will be able to look at the issues you've faced more closely and look at getting this resolved as soon as possible.

Having seen that advice on all the other posts I’m already talking to one of the social team on Insta. 

That's good to hear @Crellster , I hope we can get this resolved for you quickly.

This has been a recurring issue for me too. Please let me knon if you figure out what is causing it.

My watch is now working. Not a simple process, and took just under a day elapsed. 
They removed one number from my account and added it again with no explanation of the root cause. 

I only use it very occasionally, but just checked and I still have a cellular plan on the watch. If the phone or watch updates I’ll also check it’s still active. 


As per the advice on all the posts, create a post on here and then contact the team on Instagram with a link to it. They are aware of the issues. All other routes will frustrate you, going round in circles.  No refund or compensation offerer for lack of service (bar a costa coffee!). 

Great! glad we were able to get it sorted for you.


@swords1010 Please reach out to our social media team to see if we can sort your issue as well. You can find the links here

@Thomas_H  I know how to have my issue resolved by doing a SIM Swap every time. Vodafone certainly do have a network-side issue, however, given how many people are reporting the problem as of recently. There is a separate issue with the web form for sim swap not working for OneNumber sim swaps. These are issues reported and experienced consistently in the same way by a number of users (see recent threads).

They can be quite finicky and sometimes need a full disconnection/reconnection to resolve.

Hmmm, Sorry but there’s nothing “finicky” about setting up an Apple Watch Ultra. It was incredibly simple for my wife on O2. What is finicky is Vodafone’s setup of the watch and the dark arts approach and truly awful service outside of the social media team who seem

to be the only people who can solve this. There’s a problem and I won’t keep my contract outside of my commitment because no one seems to care about addressing the root cause (or even highlighting why that might not be possible for Vodafone).