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About the Community

Contact us for account specific queries


If you have an account specific query on the Community, we’ll ask you to message our team on Facebook or through Twitter @VodafoneUK.


If you drop us a Direct Message on either of the above channels, you'll be greeted by our BOT. If you select 'Message an adviser', you'll get through to the team. Be sure to choose the correct category when contacting us, for the best reply. 


When messaging our team through either platform, please include a link to your Community post along with your Community username.


Our team will be able to see your query through the link, meaning you won’t need to repeat your question again :Smiling:


If you don’t have an account with Facebook or Twitter, you can speak with one of our advisers on Live Chat. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any questions you have about your account.


Don’t have an account specific question? Our team and Community members are happy to share their skills and knowledge when replying to your post!

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