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Premium rate SMS FAQ


The quickest way to stop a premium rate service is usually by texting STOP to the service charging you. Check with the  service  for the correct phone number, or  for  other ways to stop the service. You can also apply a premium rate bar, incoming and outgoing, to restrict premium rate services.  Add a bar using the My Vodafone app or  My Vodafone online. 

More information on premium rate charges, including what they are, how to identify the service you've been charged for and how to dispute a charge can be found here.

For advice on how to deal with spam text messages, please see here.

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) regulates the content, promotion and overall operation of all PRS through its Code of Practice. For example, the Code requires clear and accurate pricing information, honest advertising and appropriate and targeted promotions.

If you feel you've received a charge that isn't correct, you can contact the Phone Paid Services Authority (PSA) for more advice and so they can investigate further. 

Updated - July 2019