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Forum Ranking


What is it?
Your current rank is visible underneath your user name beside anything you post and on your profile. Your rank is based on your engagement in the community as explained below.


When’s it available?
You get your first rank as soon as you’ve finished registering. More ranks will be provided as you use the forum.


How do I use it?
Everything is done automatically and is based on your engagement in the community. As you post comments, have answers accepted as 'best answer' and give or receive thanks, you'll go up in rank. Each rank has a number next to it so you can see where you are in relation to each other.


Please note that from time to time we will archive older threads to increase the performance of the forum. When a post you’ve interacted with is archived then your total number of posts/thanks will appear to drop. Don't worry, this will not affect your ranking and even archived posts still count towards your total.