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How long does it take to activate Apple Watch eSim?

I signed up via the watch app on my iPhone for the £7 p/m plan for the eSim in Apple Watch series 4. All seemed to go well, but over 24 hours now and the Apple watch reports it has no data connection and the watch app on iPhone just reports 'waiting'...

Problem with Apple watch Onenumber

I'm having problems connecting my Apple Watch Series 5 to Onenumber. Vodafone say it's a configuration issue and will take them 48hours to resolve.  It's now been 5 days and still no data on my watch. I see many customers have had the same issue and ...

Resolved! Retrieving contacts from broken Nokia

Can anyone advise me on how I could retrieve contacts from a Nokia with a broken screen? - can I download some software onto my computer that can then retrieve contacts from the phone? I have bought a replacement iphone so dont want to pay to get the...

rsilk by 1: Seeker
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How to avoid charges for Long Text Messages?

I have a Nokia 1520 and keep getting charged for sending the odd text message because, as I have been told by Vodafone, when a text message is over 160 characters, my phone automatically converts it to a Photo Message, which are not inclusive under t...

Icksieray by 2: Seeker
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Apple Watch series 5

I’ve been trying to connect my watch to my phone for over 4 weeks now with god knows how many phone calls ( with to be fare some nice people in Egypt who always want to take ownership of my problem) but with still no connection have now had a replace...

Mobiwire Ayasha headphones

I've just bought a Mobiwire Ayasha PAYG for emrgency use on the understanding that it had a 3.5mm headset jack, but it seems only to support audio out and not the microphone fucntion of my headset. Is that correct or is the handset faulty?

Woodrz by 2: Seeker
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Galaxy watch active 2

If I get the galaxy watch active 2 lte will I be able to have lte via the esim on vodaphone? I assume it maybe possible a other galaxy watches are supported

searley by 4: Newbie
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Connecting Vodafone 354 to PC

I have a 2011 Vodafone 354 mobile. I want to connect it to my PC to transfer files.I connect the device to the USB port and select the 'Mass Storage' option on the phone.Upon inspection of the computer's file manager (Windows 8.1), the USB Mass Stora...