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Resolved! Nokia Lumia - Battery Issue

Hi All,   I am having an issue with the battery on my Lumia 925. I have had it for around a year and a half now, but I am having to charge it at least once to twice a day now. I was originally getting around 2 to 2.5 days on it, before it needed a ch...

Resolved! Cortana

Hi,   I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and am on the Cyan software version. I want to get Cortana but it does not seem to be available. I know someone who has the Lumia 520 and they recently got a message to say there was a new software update which enabled ...

toddie32 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Nokia Lumia 530 internet setup

Anyone have any ideas for setting up Nokia 530 for internet access? Vodafone support details do not tie up with index in phone. I have sent text "WEB" to 40127 several times without any response. I can only access via Wi-Fi, although handy is not ide...

FRJW by 2: Seeker
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