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Resolved! Galaxy watch query

When I got my Galaxy watch 4 I gave my previous Galaxy watch to my brother. He has no interest in using the phone features, so if I stop paying the £7 connection fee, will he still be able to use the other watch features?

raymartin52 by 13: Advanced Member
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Nokia Lumia 520 Sound issues

Hi, Had the above for just over a year and the sound keeps coming and going, this morning I had the sound fully up and had a text but no sound?! So didn't know I had message until I looked.Same happened yesterday, just vibrated yet the ringtone sound...

Oneplus 2 oxygen OS 3.0.2 compatability issues on Vodafone (UK)

I'm having issues getting my OnePlus 2 to connect to a 4G network after upgrading it to Oxygen OS 3.0.2, I've gotten a message from my carrier (Vodafone uk) saying that:"It looks like you’ve swapped your SIM or updated your device. To continue using ...

TEREDO, port 53133 always open?

Vodafone Germany did a couple of resets on my gigabit modem a couple of times last month for "reasons" known only to Vodafone itself, so I had to reopen the ports I needed, and I just noticed something new : there is a service called "Teredo ". it po...


This subforum says its for Windows phones.  Am i reading that right?I see everything but Windows phones

Pluginz by 4: Newbie
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Blackberry email problems

Odd one this. I stopped being able to receive or send emails on my Blackberry 9900 (yes I know it's ancient!) about a week ago. Internet, calls and texts still work. It wouldn't allow me to set up email, saying it couldn't connect to server. Thinking...

Wizzkitt by 4: Newbie
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Ordered iPad pro 1 month back still no update on delivery

Hi, i have ordered my ipad 12.9 pro on nov 20 and its been one month still no update from you. While i try to reach staratford store they are telling that they themselves got their products over one months.if its two week ok but more than one one mon...