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Nokia 105/110 4G

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Has anybody used a Nokia 105/110 4G to make a VoLTE call?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

To make a VoLTE 4G call where available you will need to have data calling activated @Cormack_ 


The 110 4G was released 2015 and the 105 2019 is GSM only.  You will need a supported phone from the link below.

Data Calling 


The coverage checker at the top of the page will give information on your network available at the location.


Thanks for the info.

However, I am talking about the 105/110 4G that was released mid 2021. Vodafone sell it as a pay as you go handset with little info about it. The phone was designed to cater for the mobile networks around the world that are starting to or already have shut down 2-3G. Which require calls to be routed over 4G. 

I have other Nokia feature phones that use Kai OS. Although they can use VoLTE, Vodafone don’t allow it with that handset. 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If Vodafone sell the phone on PAYG, data calling should work @Cormack_ 


Text calling to 97888 and follow the set up process from the data calling link. I would say follow device guides here: Device Guides but the phone does not seem to be listed, if you select an equivalent Nokia device the information should be the same.
























Went to my local Vodafone shop, whom still couldn’t give me a definitive answer as they were nil stock.  Took the risk and bought a sim free 105 4G to try from Argos.
Calling over 4G works out of the box with really good call quality. Works with other networks too in the second sim slot.